Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Doing other things instead of doing work

It's strange how sometimes doing other things instead of working isn't that pleasurable. I've been whiling away the morning doing little bits of real work alongside lots of bits of procrastination, but the guilt is too bad and I'm not really enjoying it. So, this little post will be my last hurrah before I knuckle down to some serious business.

I just wanted to pop up some pictures from the last Jumpers for Goalposts, which was great and wrong in almost equal measures (not really, great won by a long chalk!). The Tom Tomas Club played a chaotic, under-rehearsed, amazing set of songs linked to films. Tom introduced every song claiming they wrote it and it had been made famous by other people. When you think about that please bear in mind that the set was made up of Ghostbusters, Anyone Else But You (Juno), Man of Constant Sorrow (Oh Brother Where Art Thou?) and Purple Rain.... Purple Rain... by Prince... or "that little feller" as Tom called him. It was ludicrous, especially the part where they sang Anyone Else But You to each other lovingly and added in their own names and the bit where Nick put down his guitar and threw himself headlong into Purple Rain, arms outstretched bellowing the lyrics at the top of his voice.

Here are the pics:

As you can see the performance was interesting, the creative competition fiercely fought and the evening (in the words of Joey Chickenskin) RULED.