Monday, 23 February 2009


Just thought I'd plug, the latest brilliant thing to escape the minds of Harry and Rory (of Fat Kids, Death By TV/Maury Povich...fame)

They're brilliant and so is this, their webzine.
It was supposed to be a printed zine but Harry's never gotten around to printing it.

Never mind, it's still awesome anyway...

Friday, 20 February 2009



Ah, another month, another Jumpers For Goalposts! Last night was a strange one really. While it was brilliant in many ways, it was also really odd. To begin with the Alley Cafe was jam-packed with people. Nick from Hello Thor kept claiming they were a victim of their own success, but I think some drunk people just happened upon it and a group of ladies had booked a table for dinner (not knowing what they were getting themselves into!).
This made manoeuvering (How the hell is this word spelt?!) around the room a little bit like playing one of those puzzles where you slide little squares around until the full image is revealed. Anyway, no time to ramble, so i'll make lists instead:

The Good:
Seeing lots of lovely people who I only see once a month because I'm not very good at going out.
The winner of the creative competition - incredible dedication to the cause
Learning that Rachel (from Kathleen & Lily's) has a phobia of cut hair, and I can kind of understand where she's coming from with that.
Impromptu crowd involvement in Line's rendition of Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia
Alyssa's massive new mobile phone
Joey's incredible homage to the Big Bopper (who is really creepy!)
Fists (always)
Going home with a signed drawing entitled Transformer Vs Pyramid on a paper plate
The overheard conversation between Yellow T-Shirt guy & his friend where his friend was saying (a little worse for wear) "This is making me so happy, oh I love Buddy Holly, this is brilliant, oh it's made me so happy, I can't believe it" and on. It was lovely.
Tom Whalley's teeny tiny quiff

The Bad:
General squeezy-ness in the bar. If Hello Thor continue to be a victim of their own success then a new venue will have to be found!
The hot chocolate machine was switched off
Many of the creative competition entries

The Ugly:
Jenna, Rachel & Chaffe's competition entry... it had real human hair on it for chrissakes!
The crowd involvement in Line's rendition of Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia. (*Please note that in this instance the crowd refers to me)
That dick trying to start a fight. What was that all about? Someone doesn't understand the phrase "just for fun".

Here's the photographic evidence:

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jumpers For Goalposts

Is on tomorrow! Yay!

I think I'm right in saying Joey Chickenskin and James Finlay are both playing. And someone else who's name has dropped out of my brain. It's a Buddy Holly tribute, I think.

This is very vague. I started this with a real sense of purpose... tell people about Jumpers for Goalposts!... but now I'm realising I haven't been paying attention to what Anders has told me about it and this is pretty much the worst information bulletin EVER!

Oh well!

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Why are 3-D animated films not as 3-D as 3-D live action films?

I like that I wrote 3-D three times in this blog title. That's really 3-D overkill right there.

Anyway, we went to see Bolt 3D last weekend because Journey to the Centre Of the Earth awoke a long dormant love for anything 3-D. This love affair began a long time ago when I went to Disney World as a child and saw a 3-D film starring Michael Jackson.... Michael Jackson. Amazing. I have no idea what the film was about (my best guess would be space), but I know that at one point I shrieked loud enough to hurt the eardrums of those close to me and ducked when an asteroid flew out of the screen. That is about as exciting as it could possibly get for a smaller version of me.

While Journey to the Centre of the Earth's big yo-yo scene (you can imagine how that worked!) wasn't quite as exciting as asteroids, space and Michael Jackson, it was still pretty good. Bolt on the other hand... I enjoyed the film, but the 3-D really added very little. Apart from a headache at the end courtesy of the brilliant Buddy Holly specs you get. There was no big dog nose coming out of the screen and sniffing you... no hamster in a ball rolling right towards you... no explosions shooting bits of shrapnel at you... All in all, a little flat, which is ironic I guess.