Tuesday, 18 September 2007

September ROCKS!


September is an awesome month.

It began with my 30th birthday (which was a real doozy, I can tell you!)
and it's going to end like this...

FRIDAY 28th SEPTEMBER @ The Maze, Mansfield Road

SJ ESAU (Anticon)
His biog reads like a pack of lies - freestyled with Massive Attack, won DMC Rap Battles aged 12, duetted with Lou Barlow... but releases on both Twisted Nerve and now Anticon would seem to back up such outlandish claims.
What is undeniably true is that Sam makes wonderful, warped folk akin to Beck, Animal Collective and Why?
We've been trying to book this guy for ages and we finally got him!


Signed to New York's Hypnote, Bobby writes home-spun romantic tales for the shy indie kid in all of us.
These lo-fi solo recordings are a million miles away from his work with the Pipettes, the all-girl indie pop sensations he is credited with having masterminded. Look out there's a monster coming!


The good Doktor heads to Supernight from Derby via Dublin and the Edinburgh Festival.
He has recently been spotted singing in his pants on Jimmy Carr's DVD, popping up on BBC 3, penning ballads for Gene Hackman and abusing innocent bystanders with a battered Casio keyboard.


PLUS we'll have an exclusive set from special guest DJs Midlands Dance Club

All for £4!!!

Supernight is back from its summer hols with a bang!

Love Anders