Friday, 19 December 2008

Jumpers for Goalposts


I really like Jumpers for Goalposts. Me and Anders had an action packed night last night. Well, first off we ate soup and watched a bit of telly and then I made us late by refusing to stop watching Come Dine With Me in order to go out into the real world and have fun. Then we raced into town armed with a large viking helmet, a box of craft supplies and a bag of records along with layers and layers of clothes, hats scarves etc. We dropped off the supplies at the Alley Cafe with Tom & Nick and went ice skating on the square! Ice skating is brilliant. We aren't brilliant at it, but it's brilliant anyway. I would love to go ice skating on a proper frozen lake one day, but for now skating round market square with some drunk showy-offy people will do.

Jumpers was, as always, brilliant. It was a christmassy theme so everyone made nativity scenes for the creative competition and some lovely people sang Christmas songs. Ashley Askins did some sterling work with some singalong carols, supported on backing vocals by Joey, Alyssa, Jaynie and Rob... not that they were asked... just kidding, it was beautiful. Joey also did his Nottingham Christmas song which rules and uses the word Beeston. He also demonstrated a marvellous falsetto taking the Kirsty McColl part on that Pogues Christmas song (too soon!).

The last live performance was my favourite though (sorry everyone else) because Nick Nock, Mayor of Gun City, did "All I want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey which is my favourite ever Christmas song. It really snowballed until Nick (the 3rd member of Hello Thor) was saying "now it's the ladies turn!" and "just the men now please" and we were all singing "ooooooooooOOOOooohhhh BABY!". I wanted it to happen 20 times in a row, but Nick felt he'd already been a bit self-indulgent and finished off.

Actually, I lied above, the last live performance was an entry to the nativity which was really really really really really really really strange. It was a mini play, one minute long and featured a pregnant man named Roger, a drunk man shouting "Vikings" and some stuff about "the system". They won a prize for the sheer effort which had gone into it. Second place was won by Jaynie's crew for their Reversible Super Jesus and first place was won by a Prog Rock Christmas from the minds of Jenna and Rachel of Kathleen & Lily's. I'll post some pics up when I've found my camera and loaded them online.

Tom played some great music, danced like a wally and didn't talk to girls.

Thanks to all the Jumpers for Goalposts people for a lovely time.


p.s. I forgot to mention that my favourite entry to the Creative Competition was a baby jesus with a paper chain umbilical cord. It was the best one by miles and should have won all the prizes. But, then again the prizes were rubbish (GOLD coins, MYRHH-th (a kenny everett record) and FRANKENSTEIN comics and FRANK-INCENSE, Frank Sinatra endorsed incense. Like I said, rubbish) so maybe it's best that it didn't win.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Neil Young is a muppet

I just got 'Sugar Mountain', the new Neil Young live album.
I'm not sure exactly what I think so far.
I'm a little disappointed as I hoped it would really wow me as my favourite Neil Young songs/albums do. So far though, in spite of it having some of my faves on there, I've felt a bit flat about it. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I've just not been in the mood for it yet.

What I do love though is all the bits of between-song chat from Neil.
Not because it's especially interesting or funny but because he sounds like a Muppet. He doesn't sound quite like Kermit but he's approaching it as he (shyly?) squeaks out another story about songwriting or working in a bookstore.