Friday, 12 December 2008

Neil Young is a muppet

I just got 'Sugar Mountain', the new Neil Young live album.
I'm not sure exactly what I think so far.
I'm a little disappointed as I hoped it would really wow me as my favourite Neil Young songs/albums do. So far though, in spite of it having some of my faves on there, I've felt a bit flat about it. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I've just not been in the mood for it yet.

What I do love though is all the bits of between-song chat from Neil.
Not because it's especially interesting or funny but because he sounds like a Muppet. He doesn't sound quite like Kermit but he's approaching it as he (shyly?) squeaks out another story about songwriting or working in a bookstore.


Yeah, said...

Have you watched Heart Of Gold yet? It's mega.

paul said...

I love Sugar Mountain. It's a lot different to Live at Massey Hall which is arguably Neil Young's actual finest moment recorded smack between After the Goldrush and Harvest and while I continue to be excited as they keep releasing these sessionsI don't think it's going to get that good again.

On the other hand it feels like a show you'd rather have been at mainly because he's clearly enjoying the show so much. Most of his songs are pretty soulsearching and there's no real need for him to be so chaty and entertaining but he seems to honestly want to be and I suspect that audience had one of their favourite nights that night.

I suppose the set isnt' as strong as some later recordings because of the songs that he had at the time compared with ones he would later have but it's still a great set when you consuider what most people would have at that point in their careers.

My favourite bit is when he runs through the melody for Winterlong on his guitar. At that point in time, even HE doesn't know how amazing that song is going to be, it's just a melody to him.

I'm listening to it now and loving the Young Neil.

Joey Chickenskin