Friday, 19 December 2008

Jumpers for Goalposts


I really like Jumpers for Goalposts. Me and Anders had an action packed night last night. Well, first off we ate soup and watched a bit of telly and then I made us late by refusing to stop watching Come Dine With Me in order to go out into the real world and have fun. Then we raced into town armed with a large viking helmet, a box of craft supplies and a bag of records along with layers and layers of clothes, hats scarves etc. We dropped off the supplies at the Alley Cafe with Tom & Nick and went ice skating on the square! Ice skating is brilliant. We aren't brilliant at it, but it's brilliant anyway. I would love to go ice skating on a proper frozen lake one day, but for now skating round market square with some drunk showy-offy people will do.

Jumpers was, as always, brilliant. It was a christmassy theme so everyone made nativity scenes for the creative competition and some lovely people sang Christmas songs. Ashley Askins did some sterling work with some singalong carols, supported on backing vocals by Joey, Alyssa, Jaynie and Rob... not that they were asked... just kidding, it was beautiful. Joey also did his Nottingham Christmas song which rules and uses the word Beeston. He also demonstrated a marvellous falsetto taking the Kirsty McColl part on that Pogues Christmas song (too soon!).

The last live performance was my favourite though (sorry everyone else) because Nick Nock, Mayor of Gun City, did "All I want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey which is my favourite ever Christmas song. It really snowballed until Nick (the 3rd member of Hello Thor) was saying "now it's the ladies turn!" and "just the men now please" and we were all singing "ooooooooooOOOOooohhhh BABY!". I wanted it to happen 20 times in a row, but Nick felt he'd already been a bit self-indulgent and finished off.

Actually, I lied above, the last live performance was an entry to the nativity which was really really really really really really really strange. It was a mini play, one minute long and featured a pregnant man named Roger, a drunk man shouting "Vikings" and some stuff about "the system". They won a prize for the sheer effort which had gone into it. Second place was won by Jaynie's crew for their Reversible Super Jesus and first place was won by a Prog Rock Christmas from the minds of Jenna and Rachel of Kathleen & Lily's. I'll post some pics up when I've found my camera and loaded them online.

Tom played some great music, danced like a wally and didn't talk to girls.

Thanks to all the Jumpers for Goalposts people for a lovely time.


p.s. I forgot to mention that my favourite entry to the Creative Competition was a baby jesus with a paper chain umbilical cord. It was the best one by miles and should have won all the prizes. But, then again the prizes were rubbish (GOLD coins, MYRHH-th (a kenny everett record) and FRANKENSTEIN comics and FRANK-INCENSE, Frank Sinatra endorsed incense. Like I said, rubbish) so maybe it's best that it didn't win.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Neil Young is a muppet

I just got 'Sugar Mountain', the new Neil Young live album.
I'm not sure exactly what I think so far.
I'm a little disappointed as I hoped it would really wow me as my favourite Neil Young songs/albums do. So far though, in spite of it having some of my faves on there, I've felt a bit flat about it. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I've just not been in the mood for it yet.

What I do love though is all the bits of between-song chat from Neil.
Not because it's especially interesting or funny but because he sounds like a Muppet. He doesn't sound quite like Kermit but he's approaching it as he (shyly?) squeaks out another story about songwriting or working in a bookstore.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Jeffrey & Jarvis looking rough

I saw 2 of my very favourite musicians this week. They have both inspired me in very different ways but both write the most brilliant lyrics.

Jeffrey Lewis is one of my all-time favourite recommendations (thanks Becky and Mark for handing me that treasured CD-R) but ironically he's one of the few musicians I never try to tell people about. I have almost no confidence that other people will see what I see in him and have been dumbfounded when people have heard his music and not loved it like I do.

I understand that he has a voice that might be grating to some people - but like many of my favourite singers he doesn't need an extensive vocal range to break your heart and make you glad to be alive. It's more about the way his voice cracks and breaks than trilling and fanciful singing. Less is more and all that. The way he says "Leonard Cohen?" in The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song was one of the first things to hook me into him.

Then I discovered brilliant lyric after brilliant lyric. Lyrics to make you smile even if he's writing about losing his mind or feeling futile and frustrated.

One of the few people that did get Jeffrey straight away is my lovely wife.
For someone that doesn't really like folk (or anti-folk) or listen to lyrics or, for that matter, most of the music I like it's almost miraculous that she LOVES him. But she does.

East River is one of our faves. The bit about him diving into the river and becoming scum and finding someone to become scum together with is awesome.

Anyway, back to the gig... it was Looking Rough At 30, a night in celebration of Rough Trade's 30th anniversary.

Jeff did lots of new material (including this which I've never heard before), all of which sounded great. Not a million miles away from his old stuff but just as funny, beautiful and brilliant - the best kind of folk (that a hippy-punk ever wrote). He also did his comic book rendition of the Life Of Barack Obama and Seattle which I love.

He signed a copy of his Fuff comic for me afterwards and I tried to talk to him about playing Nottingham the next time he tours. He took my email address but Bex and I were both suddenly a bit shy and so didn't chat for long. The last time we both saw him play in Nottingham I asked him to say "Leonard Cohen?" to Bex as he hadn't played 'The Chelsea Hotel...' and she loved it so much. He found it an odd request but did it anyway much to Bex's startled delight (who hadn't heard what I'd been asking him).

After Jeff came Jarvis.

He was so good. Funny, charming, full of great stories and, of course, everything a front man should be. He's now sporting a full beard (speckled with grey - he's 45, y'know?!) which he asked us to vote on mid-set...

Did we like it?

Did we think it made him look like Peter Sutcliffe?

First things first though, as he came onstage the band struck up and behind him onscreen it read:

"Good Evening Sheffield"
"Are you alright?"
"I said Are you alright"

And so he proceeded through the usual introductory onstage patter but miming it out in front of a slide projector.

The slide projector was there as he was chatting in between songs and giving context (sometimes) to the evening/the music. My favourite slides included one of Lee Hazelwood with some children wearing fake Lee Hazelwood moustaches (I mistook the children for dwarves and told Bex to look away) and a black n white one of a miner stood next to a glam rock wrestler. Jarvis explained that they were father and son and that the wrestler didn't want to follow his dad down the pit so became a wrestler...who put make-up on his defeated opponents!

I had a mixed reaction to Jarvis' first solo album. Lyrically it was good but musically I felt it was a bit unadventurous and the songs didn't 'get me' in the same way his stuff with Pulp did.

Live though most of the songs sounded great and really benefitted from Jarvis's anecdotes and explanations (such as the inspiration for Big Julie). Black Magic in particular was awesome.

Of the new material I particularly enjoyed Bones, and the story behind Girls Like It Too. It's a line from a letter John Peel wrote to his teenage brother and, as Jarvis rightly stated, probably the best sex education advice you can ever get.

There's tons of things I missed but this is going on and on.
Check out Youtube for a barrage of mobile phone clips of the gig, like this one explaining how a new Jarvis song in inspired by his childhood fear of having maggots in his eyes!


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Monkey: Journey to the West

We saw Damon Albarn's Chinese Opera at the weekend... It was incredible! For those of you who don't know (this would've included me before the weekend) Monkey is based on an old Chinese fable about a monkey who is born from a stone egg, eats too many peaches of immortality in heaven and is imprisoned by Buddha for 500 years before being released and being tasked with helping a monk to bring scriptures back from the West, facing lots of obstacles and challenges like the Skeleton Demon and Spider Woman. Oh and there's a pig man, some other guy and a horse helping too. So the storyline is pretty easy to follow...

It's a great production, although I must confess to thinking "That's just a guy in a tracksuit with a tail... where's the monkey I was promised?" when we first walked in. It was especially odd because we arrived just as it started and they were very disorganised. I asked the usher to help us find our seats and he looked at the tickets, gestured vaguely with the torch and said "go round the back, they're over there". Obviously not the best directions, so we ended up watching the first half crouched in the aisle!

Anyway, it mixes Jamie Hewlett's animation with Gorillaz-style beats with chinese opera with buddhism with martial arts with Cirque Du Soleil type acrobatics with a bunch of girls spinning plates while doing forward rolls.

It's a real spectacle, I think it's only on a short while longer, but I'd recommend it. Plus you get to see the Millenium Dome and think "Hmm, not as big as I thought".

Here's a link to a trailer for the Opera:


Bex xx

Friday, 21 November 2008

DO'D and Monkey!


We saw David O' Doherty last night at Just The Tonic at the Approach. While the food was revolting - so bad we took it back and the manager actually looked embarrassed - David O'Doherty was great. If you've never been to Just The Tonic it's a comedy club which used to be at The Old Vic (now Escucha?!) and has had just about every big comedy name who's not shit playing there. It's really worth going along even if you haven't heard of the people playing because generally the standards are pretty high.

Anyway, you can see David O'Doherty here.

It's really very rare to enjoy musical comedy. A few years ago we saw him and Flight of the Conchord on the same night. We hadn't heard of either and were gutted to see two musical acts on the bill, given their high propensity for shitness, but both were amazing and we had to eat our words. Like when we saw Alan Carr at the Christmas JTT special and I booed a little bit when he came out because I thought he was crap from the Friday Night Project, then I laughed a lot and had to eat humble pie. He's very funny in person.

Anyway, DO'D was great! Next we're off to see Monkey Journey To The West in London this weekend. I don't actually know what it is much, so I'm off to do some internet research...



Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hello Gore... The Aftermath

Hello Gore. It was great wasn't it? Best Halloween Party EVER!

If you'd like to see some pics click here.

If you were on a pic and would like a copy, just let us know. There are some amazing photos and costumes, take a look!

To give you some idea of what kind of party it was... After Hello Gore (feeling green around the gills on Sunday) we swept up:

- Talc
- Straws
- Sweetie Wrappers
- Popcorn
- Cobwebs
- Fairy cake cases
- Fake Hair
- Feathers
- Plastic spiders
- Pumpkins
- Set lists
- Broken glass
- LOTS of safety pins
- A fake wound


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Back in the saddle


For a while now, I've been very busy with lots of stuff (brilliant stuff like getting married - yeah, LOVE being married! - and buying a house) which has meant that I've not spent anywhere near as much time collecting and listening to music and going to gigs.

Having done all of those things since I was about 13 I've come to kind of take them for granted. But when I haven't got a new record demanding that I listen to it again or a band that I'm really looking forward to seeing, it does sometimes take the edge off of life a little. After all, finding a new song or a new band is SUCH a joy!

So, it was a real treat this week to jump in the car with some of my oldest and dearest friends and head up to Birmingham to see Dr Dog.

The gig was in an odd setting - the small studio space next to the Glee Club.
It was a seated gig with an unexpectedly small capacity (about 50 /60 people max I would've said). And although I was initially a big gutted that it wasn't a big excited, chattering room full of fans waiting to wig out, it was fun. It felt more like a private audience. Or a bit like you were in the audience of Later with Jools Holland and it wasn't cack and the bands were really good and Jools didn't nob about interviewing Keith Allen or some old hack with a rock biography to hawk.

For anyone that doesn't know Dr. Dog are a 60s ish psych-pop band who like "Boggle, three-part harmonies, roman candles, slow dancing, the great outdoors, pizza parties, and diminished chords". They're great. They're songs are instantly familiar and yet full of surprises, melancholy but really uplifting.

The gig didn't disappoint even though lots of the stuff they played was off the new record or the one before Easy Beat which I haven't managed to get hold of yet. They record in a very specific way with analogue equipment and I was worried that they wouldn't be able to pull off the subtleties and Beach Boy-esque harmonies live. But they really did!

And one of them was dressed a bit like a gnome!

Check 'em out...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Coming up with a good Halloween costume is harder than you think...

... especially when you only have about five minutes to make it and no time to buy materials!

Me and Anders are going to have the lamest costumes at the party, big time!

Hope to see you Friday at Hello Gore - Bunker's Hill. Great bands play spooky songs, Fists, Cuban Crime Wave, Joey Chickenskin and MORE! Free for fancy dressers, £3 if not. It's going to be ace. Plus the Hello Thor boys will be embarrassing themselves onstage with their terrible Tom Tomas Club vanity project... well worth a watch!


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The artists formerly known as Pork Swordz


I just wanted to talk about a couple of my favourite things and how they are being united - like cheese and toast - to make one brilliant thing tomorrow night.

This is one of my very favourite nights out. It's in the Alley Cafe which I love. It was set up by Pete* & Han who I love who run I Dress Myself which I also love.

The idea behind that someone plays some records (which I love), a musical act play live (which I love) and then everyone takes part in a creative competition which usually involves fuzzy felt and crayons and bad jokes about celebrities, all in a bid to win the INCREDIBLE PRIZE (usually some charity shop gem or a bit of tat that the promoter had lying round their house)...which I REALLY love!

After Han & Pete became tremendously busy running a brilliant screenprinting business and having a lovely baby, they handed over the reins to us, Supernight. After we got too busy we then handed the reins over to Alex @ Shadowplay who then went to the Czech Republic for a bit and handed it all over to Tom from Not in Nottingham/Yeah I'll Play It Later/Hello Thor. Now, Alex is back and he's doing it again with Tom. Got all that?

Hope so!

Anyway, these ramblings are also here to celebrate the glory that is HARRY & RORY, two young punks who used to go by the name of DEATH BY TV. They changed their name to PORK SWORDZ. Then to MAURY POVICH THE BAND. Each name more brilliant and funny than the last, I'm sure you'll agree!

Hello Thor (me, Tom and Nick) put Death By TV on at a gig where their set lasted no more than 11 minutes - most of which was taken up with banter along the lines of "being mature is for SUCKERS!" and pressing the demo button on their Casio and having a dance-off to Wham.

They are awesome.
And they will be at Jumpers for Goalposts tomorrow night.
I hope you are too.

x Anders

* By the way, Pete's now doing some stuff at the Sumac Centre including the brilliant Sigh night. Another splendid evening where you can listen to sad records and drink great cocktails.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Playing catch up

Oh dear, it's been a while. Just a quick note to say SORRY for the lack of blog posts for the past month or so... We've been pretty busy getting married, going on honeymoon and moving house! Yikes! Anyhow, I'll post properly soon, but for now just put Halloween in your diaries for the next Hello Thor gig...

Hello Gore @ Bunkers Hill - Halloween. Bands and DJ's free if you come in fancy dress.


love Bex

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight

It was a while ago now that we went to see it, but I don't think my opinion of the new Batman film has really changed.

I thought it was alright.

I expected to think it was AMAZING, given all the hype and the fact that the Guardian said that the one surprising thing about the film was that it didn't disappoint.

So anyway, here's what I thought, in short:
- Poor characterisation
- Too many set pieces
- Not enough motivation
- Great performance from the Joker, not much from everyone else
- Terrible arc to the story. Actually no arc whatsoever, just set piece after set piece. Weird.

That doesn't mean I thought it stunk, because some of those set pieces were amazing, but it seemed like it could've done with a few more re-writes and a bit more editing.

What do you reckon? Is it still top of the IMDB poll?


Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We went to see Journey to the Centre of the Earth.... 3-D!!!!!!!!

(I must make it clear here that we actually went to see Batman but he was pretty sold out so we had to make a quick decision on what else to see. I was pretty happy as I'd already been demanding we see this Brendan Fraser classic, but I'm not sure Anders was as happy with the swap!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that 3-D films are amazing. I wish they made everything in 3-D. The film itself was alright, pretty standard kids adventure film with some good bits, but seeing it in a room full of people wearing Risky Business style dark glasses and in glorious technicolour 3-D is just brilliant.

I suggested we buy a 3-D video camera and remake our favourite films in 3-D. Essentially it would be a 3-D remake of Be Kind Rewind, which has a nice symmetry to it. I'd make The Goonies, and Big (imagine the trampoline bit!). I reckon Anders would make Delicatessen, which would be pretty creepy!

Anyway, I'm rambling now when all I really wanted to say was: "isn't 3-D great?"!

Love Bex

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Photo Link

Hi Everyone!

Well the Hello-Thor-Dan-T-exhibition-launch-night went fantastically well. The work looked great and the Ox & Lamb performance was something really special. The prints are selling like hot cakes and the projections look wonderful. If you haven't had chance to get down to the Hand & Heart and see it yet then go today or tomorrow as it's nearly at the end of its run! I think Joe's Musical Circus is on tonight so you could kill 3 birds with one stone... see some music... see some art... eat some cake. Tha Hand & Heart really is a great venue, I'd heartily recommend it to anyone who hasn't been down yet.

Anyway, here's a link to the photos. Go take a peek!

Here's a sneak preview:

Love Becky

p.s. Did you see Fists at Splendour? We couldn't go and were really gutted, but I'd love to know what you thought if you saw them. You can leave comments below.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Dan T's Inferno! THIS FRIDAY!

Now I wish I could lay claim to that headline but the praise all has to go to Nick from Hello Thor. He's clearly in the wrong job. He should be working for The Sun with skills like that.

So anyway, just a quick note to let you know about the exhibition, private view, performance happening later this week:

Hello Thor presents...DAN TOPOROWSKI
With a very special opening night performance from OX & LAMB
@ The Hand & Heart Gallery, Derby Road, Nottingham
Friday 18th July (8pm-11pm) Free

An exhibition with our very favourite artist - illustrator, animator extraordinaire and Nottingham legend Dan Toporowski. The man behind the Black Piñata comic, and countless Supernight and Hello Thor visuals, Dan T's work takes you on a ride that might make you afraid, but that might also make you laugh your arse off. Check out his YouTube site to see what we mean.

He calls what he does "super-doodling". Other people have called him "Dr Frankenstein with a pencil case". We think he's AWESOME. Come down to the Hand & Heart Gallery and see for yourself. Dan's got a stash of never seen before visual treats up his sleeve - all new animations and one-off prints.

Dan T's inferno will be on at the Hand Heart Gallery until Saturday 26th July, but make sure you come along on Friday 18th July (8pm-11pm) for the opening party - it WILL be a belter. Ox & Lamb, the brand new Fists side project, will be playing live to accompany Dan's films. Only their second ever performance, expect sweet harmonies and a big bag of beautiful slightly bruised lo-fi pop.

And it doesn't end there my friends...join us for the after party @ Moog featuring Yeah, I'll Play It Later DJ's and, with a bit of luck, some cake (until 3am)!

So that's what's going down. It's all free and it's all going to be amazing. I'm hoping they'll let me play some records at the party. And when I say play some records I mean choose them and dance behind the DJ booth like I'm really cool while someone else actually plays them.


Monday, 7 July 2008

So much fun


Just wanted to share a few photos from recent times. Ever noticed how sometimes fun just creeps up on you, and you don't even realise how much fun you've been having till you look back?

I think this last picture shows that we were literally having all the fun there was to have in the whole world.

Love Bex

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mask Mayhem


We went along to Jumpers For Goalposts at the Alley Cafe last week and witnessed some truly disturbing activities...

The creative competition was about making a summer-solstice-wicker-man-creepy-mask and these were the results:

Competition Entrants (I want to make a joke about how this is them without their masks, but I'll refrain...)

The person who made this proudly declared themselves "The Winner"... they weren't. They came 3rd. However, it is an amazing creation.

Look at what it does!

2nd Place was Joey Chickenskin who won an album for old people couples which made me feel a bit sad... good sad, but sweet old people break my heart a bit, so that album got me big time!

Victory! Alison came first with her amazing elephant mask creation. Look at this photo... that's real victory for you, that's how you should celebrate when you win something.

Tom was really funny when he became "Prize Master". When I mentioned this later he let me into a little secret... he's a "prop comic... like Joe Pasquale", and those prizes were great props. An old couples album, a mug with an alsatian on it and the triumphant hand with a bee on it... as modelled by Anders:

Anyway, it was lots & lots of fun, so thanks to Tom & Everyone at the Alley Cafe for such a great evening!


Friday, 20 June 2008

Filthy Photos

A little while ago we went to the Happy Happy Poster Club's opening night for it's most recent exhibition, which was excellent by the way. The quality of work was really high and it was at the new Hand & Heart Gallery on Derby Road (I've probably got that wrong by the way, it might also be Heart & Hand or Hand in Heart or something else entirely!) which is a great space. A really lovely place to be.

SO, anyway, while we were there enjoying the art Joey Chickenskin happened to point out something strange about one of the posters. Very quickly we descended from the lofty plains of art appreciation to purile giggling pointing whispering and photo taking. Anyway, I bumped into Joey last night at Jumpers For Goalposts (which was GREAT and I have some photos from that to put up in a little while too!) and he demanded that I put these filthy pics up here... so it's his fault.

Anders & Abi & Rolf

Anders completing Joey's drawing challenge


Hand &/In Heart

Oh dear!

(Sorry to the creator of this image, which is rather lovely when not blurred...

I feel I should point out that Angi posed for this picture on purpose... not that that stopped James from really enjoying saying "Angi's a dickhead"every time he saw the photo...


Love Bex

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Finally...Munch Munch are coming!


I've been trying to book a band called Munch Munch for AGES.
I tried and tried to get them at a Supernight but fate and the distance between Bristol and Nottingham always seem to be too much to overcome. Finally, however, they ARE going to play. At the next Hello Thor gig next Saturday (21st June).

I loved MUNCH MUNCH since I heard Celebrity Engine which is still one of my favourite tunes of recent years. THEN my interest peaked even further when they turned up on the Shrigley compilation 'Worried Noodles' a while back

As well as the excitement of ultimately getting these casio/glockenspiel wielding tykes up to Notts, I'm also beside myself to have DEATH BY TV playing. They seem equally lovely - they loved Joey Chickenskin's 78 club comic when I sent them a copy - and they make demented cartoonish 8-bit punk by hammering away on a guitar/gameboy/"crap keyboards".

In addition to that we also have LONELY GHOSTS (indie-pop par excellence) coming up from Brighton and the YEAH I'LL PLAY IT LATER team DJing.

In short, it's going to be absolutely brilliant and I CANNOT wait.
Hope all you lovely people can make it along!

xx anders

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Prince's Rainforest Project

I just thought this was a really nice illustration of an issue. If you go to the website you can sign up to show where you are and your email address. You don't have to give money or even receive emails, but you are showing your support just by signing up.

Go on, Prince Charles wants you to...


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Room in flat available: Joey Chickenskin writes...

Hello, Joey Chickenskin here!

My friend Alyssa’s housemate is moving away so she’s asked me to ask around to see if there is anyone looking for somewhere to live. So I’ve written this REFERENCE for her house and for Alyssa:

To whom it may concern

I have known Alyssa for a few years ago and despite the ginger birthmark in her hair, she is very nice. I haven’t lived with her but I’ve been round her house a lot and have never thought ‘When WILL I be offered a cup of tea’ as the tea-offers are always perfectly timed. Alyssa also makes top notch biscuits and cakes and made me one of these (but better) for my birthday:

Every time the mouse is in his tummy, you want to see the little mouse. Every time you see the little mouse you want to see what it’s like in his tummy!

Imagine if she were your housemate! If you moved in, in , say July, you could spend six months getting ‘in with her’ so you’d get a cool Christmas Present.

The flat RULES. It’s not the Estate Agent’s ‘Ten Minutes from Town’ , it REALLY IS! My guess is 10 minutes (that’s a walking 10 minutes!) to the Alley Café, 13 to Lee Rosy and about 25 minutes to HOOTERS! If you lived there you’d save about £52K per year in taxi money!

It’s got a nice living room that has a great NOSEY WINDOW, is set away from the road, is nice and tidy like girls make em, decent sized kitchen and bathroom plus the kitchen and living room have a room dividing hatch that is shelved in such a way that you can PRETEND TO BE IN A COMIC, from the kitchen.

The room available is a double and is unfurnished (The rest of the flat is furnished) but there’s a good chance the landlord will put the bed back if asked.

You’d think that the rent for such a room would be £450,000 a week but it’s NOT!

It’s only £190 a month plus Bills!

Now. . .

To close the deal:

The postman looks like AXL W Rose!

After that clincher, LET THE GOLDRUSH BEGIN!

To find out more contact Alyssa on


Things we've been doing

Hello lovely internet friends (and real life friends who are reading online)

What have we been up to? Allsorts (ish)!

First, let me tell you a little bit about Saturday night, which was ACE. It was Supernight vs Im Not From London at the Maze and it was a cracker. Ox & Lamb played a great set, despite only having had 6 hours to put something together. All the songs sounded fantastic and it was nice to hear a different tone/feel to their Fists work. Plus we got to hear Yr Glove (which I love) live and some new materials too.

Following that we were treated to a noisy set from 20 Year Hurricane who brought energy and comments about being "very porous" to the stage, as well as a child's mexican wrestling mask. Nick (the singer/ex-colleague of mine/friend) later mentioned that Daddy Bones's verdict on the too small wrestling mask was..."burn victim". Harsh, but when I manage to get the pictures up here, you'll see it's also true! They were great, second outing for them and I hope to see them again soon.... Bassist Chris striking a pose, Drummer (and Birthday Boy) Gareth being amazingly into performing and brilliant to watch and Nick playing guitar, singing, being self-deprecating and moving around the stage like a wind-up toy. Brilliant!

If I'm honest I didn't really watch the other two bands. I saw a bit of two guys playing covers which wasn't really my sort of thing and then I got so hot I had to go outside. I heard a bit of Nephu Huzzband from out there and they sounded pretty good. Definitely not what I expected... I've seen the name around before and thought they were some sort of ska/punk/reggae/funk-rock band. Delighted to say they're not! Mainly I just chatted outside to loads of random people and caught up with Ang and James a bit, which I always love.

I'm rambling but I should quickly mention two more things. Firstly, the wrestling, scary, shocking, very well prepared (they had suits and masks and everything!). Secondly, Dan Toporowski made some visuals for the gig which we tried every which way to get projected but technology failed us. Not only am I gutted for Dan that his hard work wasn't seen, but I'm gutted for me that I didn't get to see them and I know they would be amazing. THANKS Dan, hopefully we can persuade you to put them on YouTube? Or will they be a lost classic?

Anyway, what I'm basically rambling about here is that it was a great night, and thanks to everyone who came, hope you enjoyed it?!

Other stuff we've done:

- Exams - for me, in the middle of them and should be revising now. BOO.

- Saw Iron Man - What a preposterous film! I did enjoy this, but seriously, I can't believe it exists in parts. he has his own private jet and the air stewardesses pole dance for him. Who wrote this? A 13 year old boy? It was ludicrous, but fun.

- Watched the Apprentice - Love it as always and very much looking forward to the Interview show tomorrow (when I should be revising again). Who's going to win? Boggle eyed Helene? Gobby Claire? Beret-maniac Lucinda? 3rd Person talker Lee McQueen? Or pouty sulky Alex Wotherspoon (Wotherspoon is a great name!)?

- Saw Indiana Jones - Another preposterous film. Worth seeing, but god it gets silly, be prepared. I won't say more, because I'm not a spoiler, but be aware that there are great bits and there are shit bits. And boy does he look old at times.

- Baked brownies - and did a blind taste test on Anders... mine won, I'll be honourable and not say who I beat!

That's another exciting installment of "things I've been doing"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a.k.a. ramble ramble blah blah blah

Have lovely weeks everybody, and see you soon!


Thursday, 29 May 2008

Free Hicham Yezza

I'm sure many people will have heard abour the "terrorism" arrests at Nottingham University a couple of weeks ago. These arrests were made on completely unfounded charges when a student asked an employee at the university to print a document for his research which he couldn't afford to print himself.

After being held in custody for around 6 days the false charges were dropped and the student released. However, the employee of the University was kept in custody under immigration law. The employee is Hicham Yezza, a friend of a friend and a really great guy. It is currently being suggested that Hicham will be deported within a week, fast-tracking the process and giving Hicham little time to prepare his case. Labour MP Alan Simpson has called it "arbitrary deportation with no right to a proper hearing.”

Don't let an innocent exemplary citizen be fast tracked out of the country to save face for the police following an unneccessarily strong response to false terrorism allegations.

Read more and find out how you can help:

Read about it in the Independent:

Monday, 26 May 2008


This Saturday (31st May) sees Supernight taking on I'm Not From London at the Maze.

We've each picked 2 bands to go toe-to-toe in the squared circle.
Supernight will be presenting the musical talents of the BRAND NEW Fists side-project OX & LAMB in an exclusive debut performance. PLUS! we have a birthday set from 20 YEAR HURRICANE who blew us all away at the Supernight Xmas Party with their wobbly-headed/wobbly-hearted post-punk rendition of Little Saint Nick.

It's going to be a bigger clash than Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks...hope you can make it!

x anders

Monday, 19 May 2008

Thor says...


I had an awesome night on Friday and just wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone that came down to help launch Hello Thor records at The Chameleon.

Battlecat, Yunioshi and Bloodgroup all blew me away.
Thanks also to Dan Toporowski and Nathan Crawley for doing the visuals and poster.

There are lots of photos here but if anyone has any more please do send them to

Here's a sneak preview...

See you all again soon
x Anders

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Who doesn't like hotpants, beer and partying?


This Friday (16th May) we're all going to be down at The Chameleon to see 3 ace bands play and quite possibly dress up as Norse Gods. Hope you can join us...

BLOODGROUP - Three siblings from Iceland get together with a couple of friends from the Faroe Islands to make "electronic dance-pop for people that like hotpants, beer and partying". They end up sounding like all the best bits of Hot Chip, The Knife, Neon Neon and LCD Soundsystem but from Iceland (and the Faroe Islands). Bloody brilliant!

YUNIOSHI - Huw Stephens and Jo Whiley ("great innit") are fans, their singer's never seen without a sun visor and they make breakbeat-stealing indie rock that's got EMI interested. They are Nottingham's Yunioshi and they're gonna tickle your insides with their 'Fisher Price Pop'.

BATTLECAT! - The best thing to come out of Mansfield since Alvin Stardust taught us all the green cross code, Battlecat! have been described as a "two-man digital sh*t storm" by one over-excited bystander. They are actually thoroughly nice lads who just happen to make the kind of lovely racket that Transformers have sex to.

All this plus the Yeah I'll Play It Later DJs and probably a fake beard or two as well.

See you there
x Anders

Things I like on DVD

As I'm facing exams at the start of June I've been limiting the amount of time I'm allowed to spend doing fun things. The idea of this is to replace this fun time with revision, but so far I've also managed to squeeze in quite a bit of DVD watching. So, anyway, it has occurred to me that some things are simply better on DVD. In particular comedy and drama series'. Here's a quick list of things I like on DVD (which I'm not sure I'd like as much spread out on TV):

1 - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Old favourite which we haven't watched in a while. When we were first introduced to this we binged on the DVD's big time. It's still ace.

2 - Flight of the Conchords - This is a new favourite which is guaranteed to get me and Anders a bit giddy. It was New Year's Day fare at our house for the hangover recovery session which also included crisps and homemade cheese scones.

3 - Arrested Development - Borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from a friend. We're about to lend it to a friend too. It's brilliant. Not only does it star the wonderful Michael Cera (a slightly chubbier version than the star of Superbad and Juno) but it has Liza Minelli and the Fonz making guest appearances. It's amazing.

4 - House - Ok, ok, I know, this is just me, I'm a loser, but when Anders rented this for me to indulge in I really was super excited, because I'm a bit wrong and my favourite programmes are those which wrap up neatly in an hour. I've never managed to watch The Wire (despite knowing how good it would be) because whenever anyone reviews it/talks about it it's all about how sprawling and densely plotted it is...

There's probably more, but I realise I'm in danger of revealing just how totally not cool I am!

Any recommendations in light of the first three? Anything we might've missed which we could watch for hours in a row while eating haribo and getting a bit giddy and hyperactive? Let me know!

Love Bex


Monday, 12 May 2008


I had another night of fun playing some random rockabilly, funk and assorted obscurities out at Yeah I'll Play It Later at Loggerheads on Friday night.

It's always a good fun night but no one expected people to randomly start breakdancing. It's been many a year since I've seen someone face down attempting The Worm...

Check out Facebook for all the photo action

x Anders

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Lou Lou too

Now I feel bad because I didn't big up our other arty buddy.
He's just as lazy so poke him and make him work too!
Enjoy, Anders x

PS To anyone else I've forgotten...sorry!

Jigga What!

Check out our buddy's blog...and make him put more things on it...he's a lazy boy, he really is!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Exciting things


Wow, it's been a while! Well, there's lots I could tell you about, but I'll restrict myself to a few key things.

It's been exciting times round our way recently, although things have seemed pretty quiet from the outside. The main things are that the wonderful Fists have been in the studio recording, and Anders has set up a record label with Tom (Whalley from Not In Nottingham) and Nick (from 20 Year Hurricane)called Hello Thor (you might already know that!).

Luckily these two happy things have dovetailed neatly into a plan to release a Fists 7 inch just as soon as they're ready to go! So, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The boys from Hello Thor have also been busy finding other new acts and planning in some gigs which we will tell you about in the very near future.

I, on the other hand, have not been having quite so much fun! I've just started a new job and I'm studying in the evenings, so time is quite limited and it's usually all I can manage to watch the Apprentice and not be grumpy!

That said, I did go to see the latest production at the Playhouse last night which I'd really recommend. It's "On the Waterfront" and is directed by Stephen Berkoff. The direction's definitely the best thing about it, it's really inventive and stylish and throws in a few surprises. If you go to see it (I would!) then be patient, the accents are a bit shaky at first, but they even out and it's really enjoyable.

I also saw the new Mike Leigh film "Happy Go Lucky", which I quite liked despite Joey Chickenskin's best efforts to ruin it for me! I won't tell you what he said, but Joey (if you're reading) Anna and Anders agreed, but I quite enjoyed it!

I'll leave this rambling post here, just thought I'd drop off a little hello and update. Anyone else been up to anything good? Got anything good coming up? let us know!



Monday, 21 April 2008

boys in the park...


It's that time again...the Midlands friendliest, artiest, craftiest, jazziest, most bijou night of music and fun returns.

For anyone that doesn't know, Jumpers for Goalposts is a night at the Alley Cafe, Nottingham featuring 1 live music act, 1 (or more) DJs and a creative competition.

It's so much fun I can't even begin to tell you.

This month sees Polymath playing live and acoustic and myself, Tom "Not in Nottingham" Whalley and Chris "Jazz Corner" Barrett spinning tunes. There'll be great prizes to give away and of course it's all free, free, FREE!

Hope to see you there

Another Reason To Be Happy Happy!

Open Exhibition Submission Call!

Our good friends, The Happy Happy Poster Club are putting on another exhibition but first they need lots of great stuff to exhibit. That's why they're putting out a call for submissions.

They're on a mission to spread happiness and hunt down the finest in Poster Design and they want YOU to take part!

This is your chance to exhibit at the new Hand & Heart Gallery in Nottingham, free of charge!

All you need to do is complete the phrase 'Happy as...' and email a digital version to

The image must be in the proportion of A2 and sent as a jpeg format.

The deadline for this is this Friday 25th April, when the FINAL selection will be made, so HURRY! Get your crayons, paints and mac book pros out, have a go and spread a bit of Happiness!

For further details and to see posters from past exhibitors, check out the Happy Happy Poster Club profile page.

Get involved! Invite all your friends! You know you want to...


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Time for tees


Just thought we'd let you know about the brilliant new website of our good friends at I DRESS MYSELF.

It's full of our favourite artists and designers including the mighty Jon Burgerman and the ever-alarming David Shrigley.

You can buy beautiful tees, delightful art prints and even lovely lil' badges.

Check out to feast your eyes!


PS tons of good gigs coming up including The Breeders and Billy Childish next Thursday and Saturday respectively. Followed by Fists supporting Curtis Eller on the 15th!!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Two parties for the price of one... and that one's free!


It's nearly Easter so we thought we'd spread the word about not one but TWO awesome nights coming up.

The first is Shadowplay's next Jumpers for Goalposts. It's on Thursday (20th March) @ the Alley Cafe. There'll be all the usual fun and games including...

* A creative competition
* Me (Anders of Supernight fame) and Tom (of Not in Nottingham fame) DJ-ing
* The lovely folk stylings of Becky Syson singing a few songs live

Then for Good Friday (21st March) our good friends from Yeah I'll Play It Later are throwing a big party at Loggerheads. Just like Jumpers.... it's totally free and it's going to be totally tits!

DJs on the night include Siren, Chris Barrett and the aforementioned Tom Whalley. That GUARANTEES a rockin' rocksteady, rockabilly, party jazz session of the highest order.

AND I'll be opening proceedings with a smattering of French pop, funk and tropicalia.

There'll be live stuff in the caves and free food too.

It's a good job you've got the whole bank holiday weekend to recover really!

Hope to see you there
x anders

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Fists Pics!

Here's some shots from the Fists performance at the LeftLion gig last week.


Should be more on LeftLion soon, I hope!

Love Bex

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

LOTP R GR8...sorry!

We put these guys on ages ago and take ABSOLUTELY NO credit for them getting to where they are today.

We did think they were brilliant back then though, and we still do.

Their Space & The Woods single sounded like some long-forgotten Gary Numan track - a right little belter!

Now, here's their latest video - go buy the single and praise them from on high.

Thursday, 28 February 2008


Fists are playing THIS Saturday (1st March).
It's at the Orange Tree, it's completely FREE and it's going to be brilliant!

They will be accompanied by visuals courtesy of the brilliant Dan Toporowski

There are also rumours of pagan masks and new material paying tribute to Heavy Metal.

Support comes from math-rockers Alright The Captain and Stiff Kitten DJs.
The whole thing's presented by Leftlion so a good time is pretty much guaranteed.

Mine's a Sailor Jerry & Ginger - hope to see you down the front!

x anders

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Blenders

Looking to waste a little time at work?

Look no further my friends!


Monday, 25 February 2008

Crunking Good Times

I've just had one of the most random weekends ever.
Began with a Zaireeka party (listening to the Flaming Lips' genius album on 4 stereos at once - ACE)
then went to Bruce Ayling's Morecambe & Wise party.

I had a dance-off with Tom from the beeb and woke up yesterday with severe muscle strain all over after trying to 'crunk'.

Got the new Hot Chip?

Hope to see you very soon. At the Fists gig on Saturday in fact. At the Orange Tree, free of charge, courtesy of the lovely folks at LeftLion.


p.s. Cuban CrimeWave at Riff Raff @ Muse on Wednesday should be a belter too

Wah Wah Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Kid 'n' Play eat your hearts out

Tom & Jerry

Don't ask

"Jump! do do do Go Ahead and Jump!"

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Nottingham on Radio 1


Just wanted to let you know that Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust show on Radio One featured a bunch of Notts stuff last night with the segment hosted by the lovely Tom Whalley from NotInNottingham!

If you go here: you can listen to this week's show again and hear Fists on national radio, as well as a bunch of other great Notts bands!



Monday, 11 February 2008

Random Friday night in Nottingham

Well, I hope you had a nice weekend? While our lovely Supernight colleagues were making their way round the East Midlands spreading the Fists gospel, me and Anders were enjoying a nice weekend at home. Just thought I'd share a couple of moments with you.

We went for dinner on Friday to celebrate my lovely sister Katie's birthday. We ate at Bodrum on Mansfield Road, which I would really recommend. Great food and service. I ate a lot of chicken and it tasted good.

We then trotted off to enjoy the delights on show for "Light Night", organised by the City Council. We missed most of it because we were too busy eating, but we did get chance to go on the ludicrously-named Nottingham Eye. Ludicrous name, wonderful thing to do. We really fell in love with Nottingham all over again and remembered what felt special about this city when we moved here nearly 10 years ago. I'd recommend a night time visit, and take more than two people with you so you get the carriage to yourself, it's better that way.

Our last visit of a busy evening was to see Spokinn Movement at the Maze, courtesy of The Hustle. As a rule I'm not a fan of live hip-hop, I generally just feel like i'm being told off what with all that shouting, however, this was really good. Not best ever, but fun and friendly, which goes a long way.

Finally we went to Tom Whalley's house, which is always fun, even when he doesn't have any biscuits. However, as we left we came across a man sitting on the pavement next to his gate. Now, me and Anders have faced this situation a couple of times before and we're quite practised (along with Nick) at making sure people get home and don't freeze to death on our chilly streets. So, we swung into action with a cheery "Are you alright?" only to be fixed with a beady stare as the man removed his earphones and declared "I'm listening to Goldfrapp!" as though this explained everything and we were rather rude for interrupting. "Fair enough" we said, and went home.

Hope you had a good random Friday too.

Love Becky


p.s. two film recommendations - avoid Sweeney Todd and go see Juno

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Well, that was brilliant!

(I had such a good time at the Fists gig I wanted EVERYONE to read about it!)

A great turn-out...

Nottingham luminaries were there - Swimming, Joey Chickenskin, Rob Yunioshi, Bones, the lovely ladies of Tether, Tom & Nick from Hello Thor, Dan Toporowski... so many brilliant minds we could've started a revolution!

A great set from Fists...

James parping his giant horn, Joe dressed as a greaser-cowpoke, Angi delighting us all with an immense analogue beast of a keyboard, Pete's brilliant new tune You Dudes Rock (thanks!) and Tez rocking out the world's smallest drum solo.

I loved it - Thanks everyone!

x anders

Monday, 4 February 2008

Fists @ Malt Cross Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that you can see Fists for free tomorrow at the Malt Cross, along with two other acts from around the region.

That' right, for free.

We should also let you know that we're working on something big for our 3rd birthday in March and as soon as we can confirm anything we'll put details up here. Fingers crossed it's all going to come off!


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Joe Kelly exhibition

Thursday (6pm) we'll be heading down to see the unveiling of the new large-scale installation by Nottingham artist Joseph Kelly at the Goldfactory project space in the Egerton artists studios. Joe's been working on it all through January constructing the piece with industrial waste materials. Joe used to be part of the Reactor group and is a great artist.

Joseph Kelly website

Here's the address:

Egerton Studios
4th Floor
Oldknows Factory
St. Anns Hill Road

It's near the junction of Mansfield Road and Huntingdon Street.

You should come, it'll be fun!



Monday, 28 January 2008

Worst film ever


Me and Anders decided a quiet trip to the cinema was in order this weekend and so we set off to watch Sweeney Todd. Luckily I'm not about to spoil it for people who haven't been yet by saying it's the worst film ever. No, that title goes to The Good Night which we went to see when it turned out Sweeney Todd was sold out. We totally just should've cut our losses and gone home. Even half way through that would've been the better option.

It sounded reasonable on the surface, plus Danny DeVito was in it, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz were in it, it should've been alright. However, it turns out it was both written and directed by Gwyneth's brother, who hasn't before made it further than TV before, and you can totally see why. He's also clearly drafted in all Gwyneth's contacts and friends to try and help him make it in the movie business.

Don't believe the person who gives the review on IMDB... it's really not worth renting. I thought they were bringing it back from the brink at the end when they knocked Martin Freeman down, then they bottled it and just gave him broken legs instead of killing him off. When the only joke which gets a laugh is "I'm going to rape you" (seriously, that was a joke in the film), you know you've just wasted a couple of hours of your life.

Believe Peter Bradshaw instead.

Oh, and a good website for checking films out, if you haven't already seen it, is:

Hope you have a nice week, and a good Monday!


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

February Fun!


How are you?

We're looking forward to getting rubbish old January out of the way, because when February rolls around there are lots of treats coming up!

First, we will be delighted to bring you Fists at the Malt Cross on Tues 5th Feb before they head out of town on a mini-tour.

Last seen covering Ol' Dirty Bastard at a christmas party, anything goes with this eclectic and inspired bunch. Expect yodelling, Casio keyboards and brilliant, scuffed indie-pop.

Also playing are Matt Geary and Jay Lynsay

We're delighted to say that this will be entirely free (apart from booze and kebabs, which you still have to pay for), to help your wallets catch up after Christmas.

Then, not only will February be bringing the return of Jumpers for Goalposts on the 6th @ the Alley Cafe, but my lovely sister Katie's birthday is on the 7th! That's going to be a busy week...

Hope you're all enjoying tucking up all warm inside while the winds and rain howl outside.

Look forward to seeing you on the 5th!

Love Becky

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Beating the January blues...


I typed out a cracking little post of all the brilliant things I'd looked at online to cheer myself up today. Then it just disappeared, damn damn damn!

Oh well, here's a quick list - without all the unfortunate jokes...

1) Hype Machine - I've been checking out loads of great new music. Current favourites include Battles, Pedro, and Euros Childs' new stuff.

2) My dear friend Abi pointed me in the direction of Zoe Irvine's Magnetic Migration Music. Zoe finds bits of tape in the street and sticks them together for exhibitionsl, installations and the like.

3) Amy Lee Harris wonderful knitted creations (available at the delightful Kathleen & Lily's shop) led me to find One Good Bumblebee, a wonderland of cute and kitschy creations.

All of which leads to an afternoon of twee, indie entertainment.

Happy New Year everyone!
x anders