Monday, 11 February 2008

Random Friday night in Nottingham

Well, I hope you had a nice weekend? While our lovely Supernight colleagues were making their way round the East Midlands spreading the Fists gospel, me and Anders were enjoying a nice weekend at home. Just thought I'd share a couple of moments with you.

We went for dinner on Friday to celebrate my lovely sister Katie's birthday. We ate at Bodrum on Mansfield Road, which I would really recommend. Great food and service. I ate a lot of chicken and it tasted good.

We then trotted off to enjoy the delights on show for "Light Night", organised by the City Council. We missed most of it because we were too busy eating, but we did get chance to go on the ludicrously-named Nottingham Eye. Ludicrous name, wonderful thing to do. We really fell in love with Nottingham all over again and remembered what felt special about this city when we moved here nearly 10 years ago. I'd recommend a night time visit, and take more than two people with you so you get the carriage to yourself, it's better that way.

Our last visit of a busy evening was to see Spokinn Movement at the Maze, courtesy of The Hustle. As a rule I'm not a fan of live hip-hop, I generally just feel like i'm being told off what with all that shouting, however, this was really good. Not best ever, but fun and friendly, which goes a long way.

Finally we went to Tom Whalley's house, which is always fun, even when he doesn't have any biscuits. However, as we left we came across a man sitting on the pavement next to his gate. Now, me and Anders have faced this situation a couple of times before and we're quite practised (along with Nick) at making sure people get home and don't freeze to death on our chilly streets. So, we swung into action with a cheery "Are you alright?" only to be fixed with a beady stare as the man removed his earphones and declared "I'm listening to Goldfrapp!" as though this explained everything and we were rather rude for interrupting. "Fair enough" we said, and went home.

Hope you had a good random Friday too.

Love Becky


p.s. two film recommendations - avoid Sweeney Todd and go see Juno


Anonymous said...

ace stuff becky, glad to see vagrants have good taste these days! alex shadowplay x

Bex said...

Thanks! We were surprised, and I felt a little bit ashamed that we'd assumed he needed help when really he was just there, relaxing by the side of the road at three in the morning...

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