Thursday, 7 February 2008

Well, that was brilliant!

(I had such a good time at the Fists gig I wanted EVERYONE to read about it!)

A great turn-out...

Nottingham luminaries were there - Swimming, Joey Chickenskin, Rob Yunioshi, Bones, the lovely ladies of Tether, Tom & Nick from Hello Thor, Dan Toporowski... so many brilliant minds we could've started a revolution!

A great set from Fists...

James parping his giant horn, Joe dressed as a greaser-cowpoke, Angi delighting us all with an immense analogue beast of a keyboard, Pete's brilliant new tune You Dudes Rock (thanks!) and Tez rocking out the world's smallest drum solo.

I loved it - Thanks everyone!

x anders

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Bex from Supernight said...

Yeah! I had a great time!


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