Monday, 25 February 2008

Crunking Good Times

I've just had one of the most random weekends ever.
Began with a Zaireeka party (listening to the Flaming Lips' genius album on 4 stereos at once - ACE)
then went to Bruce Ayling's Morecambe & Wise party.

I had a dance-off with Tom from the beeb and woke up yesterday with severe muscle strain all over after trying to 'crunk'.

Got the new Hot Chip?

Hope to see you very soon. At the Fists gig on Saturday in fact. At the Orange Tree, free of charge, courtesy of the lovely folks at LeftLion.


p.s. Cuban CrimeWave at Riff Raff @ Muse on Wednesday should be a belter too

Wah Wah Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Kid 'n' Play eat your hearts out

Tom & Jerry

Don't ask

"Jump! do do do Go Ahead and Jump!"

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Bex from Supernight said...

i love those photos...

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