Monday, 4 February 2008

Fists @ Malt Cross Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that you can see Fists for free tomorrow at the Malt Cross, along with two other acts from around the region.

That' right, for free.

We should also let you know that we're working on something big for our 3rd birthday in March and as soon as we can confirm anything we'll put details up here. Fingers crossed it's all going to come off!



Anders said...

Well, that was brilliant!

A great turn-out...

Nottingham luminaries were there - Swimming, Joey Chickenskin, Rob Yunioshi, Bones, the lovely ladies of Tether, Tom & Nick from Hello Thor, Dan Toporowski... so many brilliant minds we could've started a revolution!

A great set from Fists...

James parping his giant horn, Joe dressed as a greaser-cowpoke, Angi delighting us all with an immense analogue beast of a keyboard, Pete's brilliant new tunes You Dudes Rock (thanks!) and Tez rocking out the world's smallest drum solo.

I loved it - Thanks everyone!

'Luminarie' three said...

The mighty fists rocked! Shame I'm gonna miss em in Leicester tonight.

Don't forget to have both a 'new' and 'retro' night.

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