Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The artists formerly known as Pork Swordz


I just wanted to talk about a couple of my favourite things and how they are being united - like cheese and toast - to make one brilliant thing tomorrow night.

This is one of my very favourite nights out. It's in the Alley Cafe which I love. It was set up by Pete* & Han who I love who run I Dress Myself which I also love.

The idea behind that someone plays some records (which I love), a musical act play live (which I love) and then everyone takes part in a creative competition which usually involves fuzzy felt and crayons and bad jokes about celebrities, all in a bid to win the INCREDIBLE PRIZE (usually some charity shop gem or a bit of tat that the promoter had lying round their house)...which I REALLY love!

After Han & Pete became tremendously busy running a brilliant screenprinting business and having a lovely baby, they handed over the reins to us, Supernight. After we got too busy we then handed the reins over to Alex @ Shadowplay who then went to the Czech Republic for a bit and handed it all over to Tom from Not in Nottingham/Yeah I'll Play It Later/Hello Thor. Now, Alex is back and he's doing it again with Tom. Got all that?

Hope so!

Anyway, these ramblings are also here to celebrate the glory that is HARRY & RORY, two young punks who used to go by the name of DEATH BY TV. They changed their name to PORK SWORDZ. Then to MAURY POVICH THE BAND. Each name more brilliant and funny than the last, I'm sure you'll agree!

Hello Thor (me, Tom and Nick) put Death By TV on at a gig where their set lasted no more than 11 minutes - most of which was taken up with banter along the lines of "being mature is for SUCKERS!" and pressing the demo button on their Casio and having a dance-off to Wham.

They are awesome.
And they will be at Jumpers for Goalposts tomorrow night.
I hope you are too.

x Anders

* By the way, Pete's now doing some stuff at the Sumac Centre including the brilliant Sigh night. Another splendid evening where you can listen to sad records and drink great cocktails.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is better promo than i could ever have done, love the hilarious passing the hot potato of Jumpers on theme - seems like i'll never be too busy to give it up!! Alex