Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We went to see Journey to the Centre of the Earth.... 3-D!!!!!!!!

(I must make it clear here that we actually went to see Batman but he was pretty sold out so we had to make a quick decision on what else to see. I was pretty happy as I'd already been demanding we see this Brendan Fraser classic, but I'm not sure Anders was as happy with the swap!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that 3-D films are amazing. I wish they made everything in 3-D. The film itself was alright, pretty standard kids adventure film with some good bits, but seeing it in a room full of people wearing Risky Business style dark glasses and in glorious technicolour 3-D is just brilliant.

I suggested we buy a 3-D video camera and remake our favourite films in 3-D. Essentially it would be a 3-D remake of Be Kind Rewind, which has a nice symmetry to it. I'd make The Goonies, and Big (imagine the trampoline bit!). I reckon Anders would make Delicatessen, which would be pretty creepy!

Anyway, I'm rambling now when all I really wanted to say was: "isn't 3-D great?"!

Love Bex

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abi said...

bugger - just previewed comment and then it went away! 3D is brilliant, though jaws is probably not the place to start, but i can't get enough of jaws, so i'll even watch the sequels. 'journey to the centre of the earth', the original is one of my favourite films of all time. it's bizarre and has a blonde man (he's on abi's boyfriend list, remember bex?) and the way they get out is amazing. i have it on tape with a description out of the guardian, which i know sally is always so jealous of, if you wanna see it. trying to get people to come see 'eden lake' on orange wednesday, or maybe 'pinapple express' but now they're leaning towards the new ben stiller since lily muscled in on the cinema plan. i'm not sure i like ben stiller all that much, but i really like going to the cinema.

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