Friday, 20 June 2008

Filthy Photos

A little while ago we went to the Happy Happy Poster Club's opening night for it's most recent exhibition, which was excellent by the way. The quality of work was really high and it was at the new Hand & Heart Gallery on Derby Road (I've probably got that wrong by the way, it might also be Heart & Hand or Hand in Heart or something else entirely!) which is a great space. A really lovely place to be.

SO, anyway, while we were there enjoying the art Joey Chickenskin happened to point out something strange about one of the posters. Very quickly we descended from the lofty plains of art appreciation to purile giggling pointing whispering and photo taking. Anyway, I bumped into Joey last night at Jumpers For Goalposts (which was GREAT and I have some photos from that to put up in a little while too!) and he demanded that I put these filthy pics up here... so it's his fault.

Anders & Abi & Rolf

Anders completing Joey's drawing challenge


Hand &/In Heart

Oh dear!

(Sorry to the creator of this image, which is rather lovely when not blurred...

I feel I should point out that Angi posed for this picture on purpose... not that that stopped James from really enjoying saying "Angi's a dickhead"every time he saw the photo...


Love Bex

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