Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Finally...Munch Munch are coming!


I've been trying to book a band called Munch Munch for AGES.
I tried and tried to get them at a Supernight but fate and the distance between Bristol and Nottingham always seem to be too much to overcome. Finally, however, they ARE going to play. At the next Hello Thor gig next Saturday (21st June).

I loved MUNCH MUNCH since I heard Celebrity Engine which is still one of my favourite tunes of recent years. THEN my interest peaked even further when they turned up on the Shrigley compilation 'Worried Noodles' a while back

As well as the excitement of ultimately getting these casio/glockenspiel wielding tykes up to Notts, I'm also beside myself to have DEATH BY TV playing. They seem equally lovely - they loved Joey Chickenskin's 78 club comic when I sent them a copy - and they make demented cartoonish 8-bit punk by hammering away on a guitar/gameboy/"crap keyboards".

In addition to that we also have LONELY GHOSTS (indie-pop par excellence) coming up from Brighton and the YEAH I'LL PLAY IT LATER team DJing.

In short, it's going to be absolutely brilliant and I CANNOT wait.
Hope all you lovely people can make it along!

xx anders


Anders said...

We made it into the NME!

"Saturday 21 June
Munch Munch - The Chameleon"

A glowing recommendation I'm sure you'll agree!

BEX said...

Wow, blimey, they never normally put ANYTHING in!

BEX said...

Wow, blimey, they never normally put ANYTHING in!

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