Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Exciting things


Wow, it's been a while! Well, there's lots I could tell you about, but I'll restrict myself to a few key things.

It's been exciting times round our way recently, although things have seemed pretty quiet from the outside. The main things are that the wonderful Fists have been in the studio recording, and Anders has set up a record label with Tom (Whalley from Not In Nottingham) and Nick (from 20 Year Hurricane)called Hello Thor (you might already know that!).

Luckily these two happy things have dovetailed neatly into a plan to release a Fists 7 inch just as soon as they're ready to go! So, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The boys from Hello Thor have also been busy finding other new acts and planning in some gigs which we will tell you about in the very near future.

I, on the other hand, have not been having quite so much fun! I've just started a new job and I'm studying in the evenings, so time is quite limited and it's usually all I can manage to watch the Apprentice and not be grumpy!

That said, I did go to see the latest production at the Playhouse last night which I'd really recommend. It's "On the Waterfront" and is directed by Stephen Berkoff. The direction's definitely the best thing about it, it's really inventive and stylish and throws in a few surprises. If you go to see it (I would!) then be patient, the accents are a bit shaky at first, but they even out and it's really enjoyable.

I also saw the new Mike Leigh film "Happy Go Lucky", which I quite liked despite Joey Chickenskin's best efforts to ruin it for me! I won't tell you what he said, but Joey (if you're reading) Anna and Anders agreed, but I quite enjoyed it!

I'll leave this rambling post here, just thought I'd drop off a little hello and update. Anyone else been up to anything good? Got anything good coming up? let us know!




Anonymous said...

Ha Ha

I'm really sorry for trying to ruin happy go Lucky, especially as you'd already got tickets. Ranting to Anders first should have taken the edge off my Rage enough to not go into another rant about it but I couldn't help it. Mike Leigh had gone one step too far. I think if Brenda Blethyn had been in it, the red mist would have come over me.

Luckily The Eye and Street Kings have pushed it into my third least favourite film I've seen this month.


BexfromSupernight said...

Why oh why would you go to see The Eye?!!!!

anna said...

i seem to be on a run of crap films at the momment. Went to see "there will be blood". Flipping heck! whats the point of that then? as much as DDL seems to be doing all the acting available at any one momment throughout its a lost cause trying to act NOTHING AT ALL. the deaf kid made me hanker after Ms Hollands Opus.

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