Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Who doesn't like hotpants, beer and partying?


This Friday (16th May) we're all going to be down at The Chameleon to see 3 ace bands play and quite possibly dress up as Norse Gods. Hope you can join us...

BLOODGROUP - Three siblings from Iceland get together with a couple of friends from the Faroe Islands to make "electronic dance-pop for people that like hotpants, beer and partying". They end up sounding like all the best bits of Hot Chip, The Knife, Neon Neon and LCD Soundsystem but from Iceland (and the Faroe Islands). Bloody brilliant!

YUNIOSHI - Huw Stephens and Jo Whiley ("great innit") are fans, their singer's never seen without a sun visor and they make breakbeat-stealing indie rock that's got EMI interested. They are Nottingham's Yunioshi and they're gonna tickle your insides with their 'Fisher Price Pop'.

BATTLECAT! - The best thing to come out of Mansfield since Alvin Stardust taught us all the green cross code, Battlecat! have been described as a "two-man digital sh*t storm" by one over-excited bystander. They are actually thoroughly nice lads who just happen to make the kind of lovely racket that Transformers have sex to.

All this plus the Yeah I'll Play It Later DJs and probably a fake beard or two as well.

See you there
x Anders


Anders said...

By the way, it's only £3 to get in!

Bex said...

I'm not a big fan of hotpants or beer, but I do like partying... do I only have to pay £1?

Anders said...

No, the £3 is for 3 ace bands - not the hotpants or beer!

Elsie Button said...

AHA!! i've worked out who you are! Hello!

Anders said...


Beccers said...


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