Friday, 21 November 2008

DO'D and Monkey!


We saw David O' Doherty last night at Just The Tonic at the Approach. While the food was revolting - so bad we took it back and the manager actually looked embarrassed - David O'Doherty was great. If you've never been to Just The Tonic it's a comedy club which used to be at The Old Vic (now Escucha?!) and has had just about every big comedy name who's not shit playing there. It's really worth going along even if you haven't heard of the people playing because generally the standards are pretty high.

Anyway, you can see David O'Doherty here.

It's really very rare to enjoy musical comedy. A few years ago we saw him and Flight of the Conchord on the same night. We hadn't heard of either and were gutted to see two musical acts on the bill, given their high propensity for shitness, but both were amazing and we had to eat our words. Like when we saw Alan Carr at the Christmas JTT special and I booed a little bit when he came out because I thought he was crap from the Friday Night Project, then I laughed a lot and had to eat humble pie. He's very funny in person.

Anyway, DO'D was great! Next we're off to see Monkey Journey To The West in London this weekend. I don't actually know what it is much, so I'm off to do some internet research...



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