Thursday, 8 November 2007

Who Threw The Shoe? (fun to say out loud)

All the Superfolk headed off to see Arcade Fire last week, and boy we had a great time.
Lucky old Anders even got to go backstage and meet some of the band who re-christened him the Sheriff of Nottingham. We danced, sang, got funny looks from people around us who could hear the singing... it was great.

Until, that is, someone threw a shoe at Win Butler's head during an emotional crescendo.
Who does that? Who threw the shoe? While I think it's wrong and whoever did it should really be ashamed, the thing that really sticks with me about the whole affair is that they threw a shoe... Did they come prepared or go home with one bare foot? If anyone knows the answer, please let us know!

One of our party was so disheartened by the whole affair he penned this email to Win:

>Dear Win
> I saw Arcade Fire playing last night in Nottingham and I was really
> having a hell of a time, fists clenched, rictus grinning, giving
> myself whiplash with the dancing, when that total c/nt threw a shoe at
> you. I have no idea who the guy (surely a man) was, but I was so upset
> on your behalf that I wanted to come and find you afterwards so that
> you could punch me in the face by way of karmic recompense.
> You people are phenomenal, and much respected by the 99% of your
> audience whose frontal lobes are still intact, so I hope you are not
> too disheartened by what happened. Maybe you could find some solace
> in the fact that at least it wasn't a lollipop that was hurled at you.
> Those things can blind.
> Tom
> PS Richard might like to know that the crash helmet was invented by
> Franz Kafka.

I love the thought of punches as karmic retribution.

Anyway, to sum up, Arcade Fire are ace, shoe throwers are not.

Love Becky

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