Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Looking for inspiration and finding Nic Cage

I was just trawling the internet looking for a pick-me-up as my motivation took a nose dive at work. When this happens I often have a peek at We Are What We Do's website. They are the brains behind a few brilliant books that encourage everyone to do small things to make a difference to the world.

The first one I read was Change The World For A Fiver. Which was a bargain considering how often it has inspired me to do something a bit selfless and/or fun.

Then they unleashed Change The World 9 To 5 on the world. And I unleashed it on my workplace.

Since then they've worked with kids to produce a book called Teach Your Granny To Text and the organisation has grown and grown.

I was just browsing their blog when I stumbled across a Swedish man's blog 365 things you can do which suggests a simple action every day starting with Start A Blog (which I've already done!). That lead me to this rather brilliant and silly blog which I am definitely gonna keep checking.

I think my fave so far is Nic Cage as Ellen


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Bex said...

i love that blog!

Anonymous said...

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