Wednesday, 10 March 2010

6music - the debate continues

There is some fascinating stuff coming to light in the continuing 6music debate. Please contribute to tell the BBC what you want for your licence fee.

Here is a post made in response to this article on the Guardian:

Well I am a 6Music listener and I absolutely HATE commercial radio. The tedious highly repetitive small play list, not to mention the constant adverts gnawing at your very soul.
It doesn't even come anywhere close to what 6Music does.

My listening options are:
1. 6Music
2. My (extensive) music collection.

There is no 3, commercial radio.

Even commercial radio agrees with me here.
Steve Orchard states very clearly that 6Music is of no interest to commercial radio:

I should also like to point out yet again the crass contradiction that if something "had to close" (presumably to save money) why are you able to put the money into other more bloated stations? You clearly dont have any tangible objectives here. Quality? Its quality. Cheap? Its cheap! Commercial sector? Nope, they don't want it.

I really wish someone at the BBC would put their hand up to admit they simply don't have a clue what they are talking about. Everyone makes mistakes, but decent people put their hands up to them.

Steve Lamaqc has also written an article on the issue on his blog Going Deaf For A Living which is really interesting, and brave considering he's criticising his bosses. I think his point that what’s less clear is how sacrificing 6Music will help is a really interesting one. It seems from everything coming out from the Beeb that they don't really know. One minute the money is being put into TV programming, the next into creating Radio 4 Extra? I mean, WTF? I like Radio 4, but it definitely doesn't need an "extra". Maybe they should combine it with 1Extra and create Radio 14Extra? I'd listen to that.
Anyway, do the consultation, even though it seems like the BBC are very clearly not going to back down. Email the people involved, make your voice and opinion heard. It's your BBC.

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Here's a great response to the whole 6Music debacle posted by none other than Barry Scott from Cillit Bang!