Friday, 29 June 2007

Jumpers for Goalposts

Hello there,

Thanks to everyone who came down to the last Supernight gig at Moog last week with Fists, Battlecat and Vastik Root. It was a cracker! You can read more about Vastik Root on Leftlion.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention Jumpers for Goalposts, seeing as how it's next week and all. Supernight have taken control of Jumpers for a little while because the usual hosts Han and Pete have had a beautiful baby girl and, frankly, they'd rather be hanging out with her!

So, for our first Jumpers for Goalposts event we will be bringing you the usual friendly atmosphere, creative competition, lovely drinks, a live performance from David Blazye and a guest DJ spot from Chris Matthews (Music Library).

All for free at the Alley Cafe next Wednesday!

Hope to see you there,

Love love


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