Sunday, 1 July 2007

Charity Shop DJ needs your help!

Our good friend CharityShopDJ is currently trying to photograph MPs with their favourite vinyl. He's already got Tony Benn which I'm very chuffed about but he needs YOUR help to get as many others as he can.

I'll let him explain...

On July 11th I am going to parliament to photograph MPs and to have lunch
with the new cabinet, where we shall have a "political tea party".

I am writing with a request - in order for the MPs to get involved it would
help me no end if you were to contact your local MP, suggesting they take
part, and bring a record that means something to them on that day.

All MPs and Lords will be invited so they will know about the event.
But a letter from a constituent will make them more likely to take part.

Excuse me for asking this of you - but it's a very exciting
opportunity for me and also I believe, in a very humble and small way, an
activity which does have positive effects for people.

In case you are very busy, below is a suggested short email/letter you
could just cut and paste into an email.

You can find your MPs email address by follwing this link :

Dear MP,

I am writing as a constituent of yours with a small request.
There is a chap called Andy Jupp, who runs a project called CharityShopDJ. The aim of the project is to promote charitable giving and recycling.

He also takes photos of people with a favourite record in a project to promote democracy and equality.

I see on his website that he is asking MPs to be photographed with a favourite record too.
He will be in Portcullis House on July 11th.

As a constituent, and supporter of this project, I urge you to flick through your records and find one that means something special to you, and to take it to Portcullis House on July 11th and participate in this great project.

xxxxxxx andy

For anyone that doesn't know about Charity Shop DJ, check out Andy's site.
Why not even submit your own favourite charity shop purchase!


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