Thursday, 29 May 2008

Free Hicham Yezza

I'm sure many people will have heard abour the "terrorism" arrests at Nottingham University a couple of weeks ago. These arrests were made on completely unfounded charges when a student asked an employee at the university to print a document for his research which he couldn't afford to print himself.

After being held in custody for around 6 days the false charges were dropped and the student released. However, the employee of the University was kept in custody under immigration law. The employee is Hicham Yezza, a friend of a friend and a really great guy. It is currently being suggested that Hicham will be deported within a week, fast-tracking the process and giving Hicham little time to prepare his case. Labour MP Alan Simpson has called it "arbitrary deportation with no right to a proper hearing.”

Don't let an innocent exemplary citizen be fast tracked out of the country to save face for the police following an unneccessarily strong response to false terrorism allegations.

Read more and find out how you can help:

Read about it in the Independent:

Monday, 26 May 2008


This Saturday (31st May) sees Supernight taking on I'm Not From London at the Maze.

We've each picked 2 bands to go toe-to-toe in the squared circle.
Supernight will be presenting the musical talents of the BRAND NEW Fists side-project OX & LAMB in an exclusive debut performance. PLUS! we have a birthday set from 20 YEAR HURRICANE who blew us all away at the Supernight Xmas Party with their wobbly-headed/wobbly-hearted post-punk rendition of Little Saint Nick.

It's going to be a bigger clash than Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks...hope you can make it!

x anders

Monday, 19 May 2008

Thor says...


I had an awesome night on Friday and just wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone that came down to help launch Hello Thor records at The Chameleon.

Battlecat, Yunioshi and Bloodgroup all blew me away.
Thanks also to Dan Toporowski and Nathan Crawley for doing the visuals and poster.

There are lots of photos here but if anyone has any more please do send them to

Here's a sneak preview...

See you all again soon
x Anders

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Who doesn't like hotpants, beer and partying?


This Friday (16th May) we're all going to be down at The Chameleon to see 3 ace bands play and quite possibly dress up as Norse Gods. Hope you can join us...

BLOODGROUP - Three siblings from Iceland get together with a couple of friends from the Faroe Islands to make "electronic dance-pop for people that like hotpants, beer and partying". They end up sounding like all the best bits of Hot Chip, The Knife, Neon Neon and LCD Soundsystem but from Iceland (and the Faroe Islands). Bloody brilliant!

YUNIOSHI - Huw Stephens and Jo Whiley ("great innit") are fans, their singer's never seen without a sun visor and they make breakbeat-stealing indie rock that's got EMI interested. They are Nottingham's Yunioshi and they're gonna tickle your insides with their 'Fisher Price Pop'.

BATTLECAT! - The best thing to come out of Mansfield since Alvin Stardust taught us all the green cross code, Battlecat! have been described as a "two-man digital sh*t storm" by one over-excited bystander. They are actually thoroughly nice lads who just happen to make the kind of lovely racket that Transformers have sex to.

All this plus the Yeah I'll Play It Later DJs and probably a fake beard or two as well.

See you there
x Anders

Things I like on DVD

As I'm facing exams at the start of June I've been limiting the amount of time I'm allowed to spend doing fun things. The idea of this is to replace this fun time with revision, but so far I've also managed to squeeze in quite a bit of DVD watching. So, anyway, it has occurred to me that some things are simply better on DVD. In particular comedy and drama series'. Here's a quick list of things I like on DVD (which I'm not sure I'd like as much spread out on TV):

1 - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Old favourite which we haven't watched in a while. When we were first introduced to this we binged on the DVD's big time. It's still ace.

2 - Flight of the Conchords - This is a new favourite which is guaranteed to get me and Anders a bit giddy. It was New Year's Day fare at our house for the hangover recovery session which also included crisps and homemade cheese scones.

3 - Arrested Development - Borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from a friend. We're about to lend it to a friend too. It's brilliant. Not only does it star the wonderful Michael Cera (a slightly chubbier version than the star of Superbad and Juno) but it has Liza Minelli and the Fonz making guest appearances. It's amazing.

4 - House - Ok, ok, I know, this is just me, I'm a loser, but when Anders rented this for me to indulge in I really was super excited, because I'm a bit wrong and my favourite programmes are those which wrap up neatly in an hour. I've never managed to watch The Wire (despite knowing how good it would be) because whenever anyone reviews it/talks about it it's all about how sprawling and densely plotted it is...

There's probably more, but I realise I'm in danger of revealing just how totally not cool I am!

Any recommendations in light of the first three? Anything we might've missed which we could watch for hours in a row while eating haribo and getting a bit giddy and hyperactive? Let me know!

Love Bex


Monday, 12 May 2008


I had another night of fun playing some random rockabilly, funk and assorted obscurities out at Yeah I'll Play It Later at Loggerheads on Friday night.

It's always a good fun night but no one expected people to randomly start breakdancing. It's been many a year since I've seen someone face down attempting The Worm...

Check out Facebook for all the photo action

x Anders

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Lou Lou too

Now I feel bad because I didn't big up our other arty buddy.
He's just as lazy so poke him and make him work too!
Enjoy, Anders x

PS To anyone else I've forgotten...sorry!

Jigga What!

Check out our buddy's blog...and make him put more things on it...he's a lazy boy, he really is!