Friday, 20 February 2009



Ah, another month, another Jumpers For Goalposts! Last night was a strange one really. While it was brilliant in many ways, it was also really odd. To begin with the Alley Cafe was jam-packed with people. Nick from Hello Thor kept claiming they were a victim of their own success, but I think some drunk people just happened upon it and a group of ladies had booked a table for dinner (not knowing what they were getting themselves into!).
This made manoeuvering (How the hell is this word spelt?!) around the room a little bit like playing one of those puzzles where you slide little squares around until the full image is revealed. Anyway, no time to ramble, so i'll make lists instead:

The Good:
Seeing lots of lovely people who I only see once a month because I'm not very good at going out.
The winner of the creative competition - incredible dedication to the cause
Learning that Rachel (from Kathleen & Lily's) has a phobia of cut hair, and I can kind of understand where she's coming from with that.
Impromptu crowd involvement in Line's rendition of Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia
Alyssa's massive new mobile phone
Joey's incredible homage to the Big Bopper (who is really creepy!)
Fists (always)
Going home with a signed drawing entitled Transformer Vs Pyramid on a paper plate
The overheard conversation between Yellow T-Shirt guy & his friend where his friend was saying (a little worse for wear) "This is making me so happy, oh I love Buddy Holly, this is brilliant, oh it's made me so happy, I can't believe it" and on. It was lovely.
Tom Whalley's teeny tiny quiff

The Bad:
General squeezy-ness in the bar. If Hello Thor continue to be a victim of their own success then a new venue will have to be found!
The hot chocolate machine was switched off
Many of the creative competition entries

The Ugly:
Jenna, Rachel & Chaffe's competition entry... it had real human hair on it for chrissakes!
The crowd involvement in Line's rendition of Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia. (*Please note that in this instance the crowd refers to me)
That dick trying to start a fight. What was that all about? Someone doesn't understand the phrase "just for fun".

Here's the photographic evidence:

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