Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Do you think songs are too long and too boring?

The brilliant brains behind Eat Yr Hands and Death By TV/Pork Swords/Maury Povich The Band/Squirrels have just released a frighteningly awesome compilation.

Short Attention Span (released on World Rabies Day of course!) contains 47 tracks all under 60 seconds long. It's crammed with (midget) gems of juvenile junk rock, spazzed-out hardcore and just plain ol' bat crazy beat music.

The whole thing is free to download and features the likes of Vivian Girls, Pens and Best Fwends doing their utmost to smash the shit out of whatever's at hand. Every day I have a new favourite. Today it's Sissy Spacek's thrash anthem Gore Jet 2

Please download it so that ML INC do it all over again very soon.
x Anders

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