Friday, 21 May 2010

Spring Fling!

Just wanted to mention that I Dress Myself are having a Spring Fling Studio Sale tomorrow! We're pretty lucky to have such a creative design & printing force on our doorstep, so I hope lots of people will come down and get bargains!

Here's all the info:

This Saturday, the I Dress Myself print studio is opening it's doors for our first studio sale, the Spring Fling. Jon Burgerman will be doodling on the day, Nicholas Saunders will be screen printing some limited edition posters, Norm from Waste will be screen printing some amazing tees and we'll be selling vegan cakes....oh, and lots of other stuff.

Back catalogue tees will be on sale for £10 each and we're putting together a bargain bin of test prints, misprints and random stuff for £5 each. If that's not enough, all our current products will be available for 20% off. All for one day only!

Come to the studio sale:

When: Saturday 22nd May 2010 12-4 pm
Where: I Dress Myself, 32-40 Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG1 7FG

PLUS! It's the final episode of Ashes to Ashes tonight. I haven't seen the whole series, but I'm sad it's totally ending. I love Gene Hunt. He's an amazing creation!

AND I'd like to say a very happy birthday to Mr Joe Wrigley, in case he reads this. See you on Sunday!

Love Bex

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