Friday, 6 August 2010

Draw Serge

In case you don't know, there's a great blog called Draw Serge. I thought that, what with the film coming out and all, now might be a good time to share.

Basically, it's loads of talented people and illustrators drawing the wonderful Serge Gainsbourg, curated by the illustrator Jonathan Edwards (@jontofski on twitter). There are some great images on there. A new one I particularly like is:

Also look for the Felt Mistress 3d Serge. It's great! Makes me wonder whether we could set this as a challenge at the next Jumpers for Goalposts. I'll have to ask the team what they reckon!

I have also just done a Wordle. You probably know about these, but basically you put your blog/ whatever into it and it makes a little word picture of what you talk about. What I've learned is I say REALLY too too much.

You can click it to see it more clearly. To do your own go to

Wordle: Superblog
Love Bex x

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