Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hello Thor presents... ANXIETEAM!

Look what I helped to do this weekend! Muchos Fun-os.

Puppet Jon & Puppet Jim popped round to help us spread the word about the Anxieteam single launch parties happening this weekend.

Come along to The Lexington, London on Friday, or Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday and experience the (largely) food-based delights of Anxieteam. There will be masks, music, a dance routine, fortune cookies, a ukelele and a chance to get your digital portrait drawn by these two world-famous artists, Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon, for free!

Support in London comes from caketronica purveyors Yunioshi and in Nottingham from Matthew Stephen Cooper, who sings songs about monsters and murderous birds.

More info on www.hellothor.com or on facebook, search "Anxieteam" or "Hello Thor".

See you at the weekend!


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