Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Films & Things


A quiet day at work means i'm thoroughly bored and thinking about various things not strictly (or in any way) work related. Mainly films.

We've recently seen the latest Bruce Willis Die Hard film, which was great. I can't recommend it highly enough. There's barely any real plot to speak of, but there's action sequences involving pretty much every kind of vehicle you can imagine. And yes, he does say Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker.

We also saw the most recent Bourne film, which is also really quite good. As with the other Bourne films there's a lot of great scenes (fighting assassins with a book is a goodie) and some slightly preposterous moments (Sneaking into the CIA with a "look over there!" style ruse) but it's well worth watching overall.

THEN, last night we saw my favourite film I've seen recently, Knocked Up. Emminently quotable, dumb but with a heart, it's a really great film. The basic premise is exactly that, basic... a fat stoner guy gets a blond hottie pregnant and they deal with the fallout. It's what happens in and amongst them and the supporting cast that make this film worth seeing. All the characters are interesting, the storyline has something more of an ensemble feel than your usual rom com and it lets you take the rough with the smooth. So you see them falling in love, but you also see the unhappy marriage of her sister play out. It's interesting and more intelligent than the adverts would have you believe and also very funny.

Other things I've been enjoying recently include:
  • Tribe with Bruce Parry - just AMAZING, even if (like me) you don't go in for "National Geographic" style programming usually
  • Heroes - Who isn't? And don't you just love Hiro?! He's so cute!
  • Trauma Centre on the Wii - Anders, I'm going to turn our living room into an O.R!
  • Wollaton Park - Lovely when the sun's out!
  • Birthday compilation CDs made by friends - Thanks so much Ang & James, Tez and Han & Pete! They're brilliant!
  • Clips of Tom Whalley (NotinNottingham's finest) reporting for BBC Nottingham from some country show... "Look out for an escaped falcon, don't approach it, just notify the authorities"... brilliant!

Love Becky

P.S. We Supernight-folk are away for a week from (early) tomorrow morning, loving the Portuguese sunshine. Then, we'll be celebrating Anders' 30th on Saturday the 8th with a crawl of pubs close to our house! Brilliant!


Mitch said...

Me! I'm not into Heroes!

Supernight said...

Well then Mitch, you're a big fat loser!

Just kidding, but it is brilliant. You should watch it.