Monday, 20 August 2007

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis need you!

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis (who I'm a big fan of and who you can check out here: are about to tour and are asking for film clips to accompany them onstage, read on...


WE NEED YOUR SHORT FILM CLIPS! (No longer than 2 minutes - on a disc or as an email attachment)

Hi all! The Jeffrey Lewis Band plans to compile about 50 minutes worth of short clips of interesting footage into a montage film of images which will be projected while we perform on our next tour, and we need you to send footage to us! Anything of short duration, from a single image to a 30 second clip, but no longer than two minutes. If 100 people send us 30 second clips it'd be perfect. We'll be "splicing" it all together via the iMovie program.

Please send clips to us either via email attachments (to ) or on a disc to Jeff Lewis, P.O . Box 282, Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276, USA.

The following file formats should be fine: .avi .mov .mpg
Please do not send the following types of files: .mp4 .3gp .wmv

And finally, someone might choose to send a drawing or a photo - should definitely be in
.jpg and not too huge.

What we need:
Political rallies,
Old black and white footage of anything,
60s-style Psychedelic blobs or patterns,
Factory workers,
Animation clips of anything,
Time-elapse footage of anything,
Obsolete advertisements,
Home-made science fiction,
Home-made advertisements,
Nature footage,
Industrial wastelands,
blurry movement,
sped-up footage of anything,
slowed-down footage of anything,
Art installations or people making art,
Or ANYthing interesting... Or even anything UNinteresting!

Due to the nature of the project we won't really be able to credit people, but we won't be selling this stuff, just projecting it behind us while we play. If you want to include your name and street mailing address along with the disc or attachment you send, I promise to mail an autographed copy of my brand new comic book Fuff # 6 to everybody who sends us usable footage. BUT we must receive your stuff by August 31st if it is to be included!


Jeffrey Lewis & co.


SO, for everyone who makes animations, films, has old footage from the sixties and so on, send your stuff to Jeffrey Lewis & get it seen all over as part of his tour. If you haven't heard or seen him then you should definitely check him out. His "Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song" (based on a Leonard Cohen tune) is a particular favourite of mine and Becky's.

Have a great day!


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Becky said...

I think we have a small piece of Supernight film and animation somewhere... we'll have to dig it out!

Maybe Mari (apologies for the spelling!) could send in some of her film from the Supernight @ Moog?