Monday, 13 August 2007

Party highlights and lowlights...

I know Anders has already said it, but THANKS for coming to our party! We had a great time!

So, I wanted to share with you a couple of the highlights and lowlights of my evening:


- Dancing around (wildly) to Sound and Vision by David Bowie (thanks Nick, I love that song!)
- Enjoying a bit of acoustic music in the caves (thanks to ALL the acoustic acts)
- Watching the NotinNottingham boys enjoying some NiN-branded Birthday cake (courtesy of Asda)
- Getting so many great entries for the Make Your Own Bunting competition
- Seeing the most random entry to the competition which simply stated "Louie pukes bloob" on a torn piece of green bunting. I voted for that to win, but I was shouted down on a "lack of artistic merit" point.


- Having some fat guy in a shirt and tie come in the room just after we finished decorating, looking at the bunting-strewn ceiling and saying... "I'm curious..... is that a new ceiling?" ...WHAT?! A new ceiling?!?! What about the beautiful, glorious handmade artist's bunting we just spent an hour and a half putting up?! Philistine...
- Hearing the first strains of SuSuSuSussudio by Phil Collins come out of the speakers while Tom and Spencer from NotinNottingham were DJing. This wasn't the lowlight (although it wasn't a high point either!), the lowlight was having some guy walk through the room and shout "Tune!" thereby proving my "anti-Phil Collins, everybody hates him" rant wrong. I hate being wrong.
- Post-party hangover. Always.

Anyhow, hope you had as much fun as I did?

Love Becky


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Jeff said...

I did! Thanks Supernight, it was a BELTER!