Monday, 17 December 2007

Guest Post from Tom @ NotInNottingham... He's all wrong!


Is anyone feeling as rough as I am? That has to be my favourite christmas party ever and I'm still smiling about it now, even anders from supernight is smiling despite all the dancing leaving him with severe calf problems. I think I'm going to use this post to try and piece together my memories of the night and if any of them are inaccurate then please correct me:

Joey Chickenskin: Joey kicked the evening off in fine style with a brand new song about christmas in nottingham, he seems ever so friendly and only convention stopped me from bursting on stage to hug him. I set off a party popper at the wrong time.

Ashley and the Askins: Ash made a joke about speedboats before playing 'Fairytale of New York'. Someone in the crowd yelled 'too soon', that was funny. Despite the askins being absent and ash having to impersonate a woman I was touched.

Xmas Jazz Corner With Me... Chris Barrett: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. That's what I shouted cos that's what you do when Jazz is on. I've now got a ladyboy voice as a result. Chris played a few times but I can't remember which bands he was inbetween or which songs were christmas ones and which were just normal jazz.

Twenty Year Hurricane: I made a heart out of mine and Anders off of Supernight's fingers and showed it to the lead singer Nick. I only like him as a friend really. This was their first gig and they did a little st nick and we all decided they should play for people more often.

Spaceships Are Cool: la la la la la la la. I learned that Santa gets around by using friendship and kindness. The christmas cheer was definitely getting to a peak. Rob was poorly but you couldn't tell.

Yunioshi: It's getting blurry now but they had beards on and did a Run DMC song that rhymed eggnog and something else. It was brilliant. Later on I danced with them but I'll get to that later.

Petebox: He wasn't supposed to play but was filled with christmas cheer so we told him to get up there and do his stuff. He did a beatbox version of 'Jingle Bells' and we all danced. I shouted stupid things like brrrrrrap whilst waving a glowstick. I'm an idiot

Me DJing: I hope you enjoyed the records I was playing... I know I played lots of rock and roll and The Waitresses 'Christmas Wrapping,' I definitely saw plenty of you dancing so thanks.

Polymath: Polymath were definitely as into the spirit of the night as anyone else thanks to several sambucas. They brought a haunting element to the show and Anders from supernight made a face at me whilst mouthing 'these guys are bloody brilliant,' or something. He also suggested that they'd blown his face off in a good way.

Nuclear Family: were they on next? Is any of this in order? They definitely did the nights best version of driving home for christmas.

Fists: I love Fists... They did something about big baby jesus and were as ramshackley brilliant as ever. It's all very blurry at this point. I stopped drinking pints and moved on to whiskey and coke hurrah!

Not in Nottingham Vs Annual Gift Man: like Live Aid if it was in a garage and didn't actually help anyone at all. Not sure who was on stage but if you were then thankyou... I smashed up a £1.50 keyboard right at the end of the song... I'm an idiot. There was a girl dressed as a reindeer

The Supernight Crew: were bloody marvellous, Bex made the place look lovely, James sorted all the bands out and Anders compered like a man possessed (despite me hindering him).

Dancing: At the end of the night Anders and Bex spun some real party tunes and we all had a good dance. I remember Sadie from not in nottingham doing the best dance moves I've ever seen, I can't remember what they were, and I remember Yunioshi were partying like a band should party.

So that was pretty much it. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. We couldn't believe how many of you turned out and would love to thank all of you. Sorry we didn't bring enough mince pies to go round.

Also big thanks to Tim Smith from Fourmost Films and Tom Chaffe from Via Vaudeville! Who put on the visuals, massive thanks to all the bands and to everyone who bought the not in nottingham xmas album. We made enough to buy the sound desk we needed and so we can carry on podcasting next year.

On Sunday I was sick.
Happy Christmas one and all

Tom and the Not in Nottingham team

p.s. The christmas podcast is available now at

p.p.s. check back in the next few days for photos


Anders said...

Thanks for jogging my memory on much of this Tom.

It really was a great night.
All the bands were ace (except for that last lot shambling their way through some classic Chris Rea!)
All the DJs were ace.
And that Sadie really can bogle!

Bex said...

loving the guest post Tom, although I think your brain is perhaps still a little booze-addled!

Bex xxx

tom said...

the grocer has heard through the grapevine that i was wasted. bloody jamie wignall.

sadie said...

thankyou thankyou thankyou for such a fun night.
apparently i danced so hard that i fell over and hit my head. i don't remember that.

Rob has just this minute said...

What a grand night!!

I enjoyed my festive bogel and now keep my beard as a pet for such a thing is not just for Christmas.

Yule Log was rhymed with Egg nog for those of you who care about who rhymed what with what.

Many, many thanks from all the Yunioshi peeps for having us! same time next year??


Becky from Supernight said...

Definitely same time next year! Although I think I need that long before I can handle another one!


tomas said...

better then my work party by miles!

amazing! x

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