Friday, 8 May 2009

Music, magic & politics

Wow, busy busy weeks!

Things have been HECTIC since the Hello Thor Fists record launch party at The Art Organisation a couple of weeks ago. What a great evening, Rory McCarthy charmed everybody, Mexican Kids At Home were as much fun to listen to as they were to watch, Harry Merry split the room as only a fully-grown man in a sailor suit can and Fists rocked, of course. They also debuted a new song, Ace Is The Way, which I hope will become another single because it was both hypnotic and addictive. Some photos:

After the gig it transpired that Drunk Tom had tickets to see Derren Brown on the Sunday at the Concert Hall. Ace. Derren was amazing, he somnambulised people (aka hypnotised) and performed tricks with them in the "spirit cabinet" like mediums in the olden days. He somehow knew episodes from people's childhoods after only 2 questions, and had someone's grandma's name engraved on a coin in a box in a box. AND he had an amazing finale which we are sworn to secrecy about.

Our busy week continued with me and Anders going to see Eddie Izzard in conversation with Alistair Campbell. It was nearly as odd as it sounds. Alistair C was charming and likeable, despite me expecting the exact opposite. Eddie was the same, if a little vague-er on the political front. About half way through we realised his politics mainly consisted of putting two words together like: I'm a social democrat... i'm a radical centralist... and so on. Alistair Campbell told a story after the world's dumbest question ("What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you in politics?") which went something like this:

"Tony Blair
In his underpants
Lying on his bed in a hotel
In Tokyo
Reading instructions for what to do in an earthquake
Wearing a crash helmet"
He said he just thought "If the British public could see this now..."

Then, last weekend we built a raised bed in our garden to grow vegetables in! It's very wonky, very homemade and very exciting. Manure arrives tomorrow, let's get growing!

On that bombshell, I should go and do something productive...


p.s. since all this the records arrived, we all got together and had a listening party and drank wine. They sound GREAT, even better than expected and look brilliant with Angi's sleeve design and Rob Garner's label design inside. Plus they're selling like hot cakes! Well, very warm cakes at the least! Yeah!

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