Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Star Trekkin'

We saw the new Star Trek film at the weekend. Has anyone seen it?

Me and Anders had spent a lovely quiet weekend pottering around the garden, cooking risotto, having a coffee in town and generally living the slow quiet life. We decided to go and see Star Trek on Sunday evening and snuck into the cinema just as the film began. Somehow we had both forgotten it was going to be a big action film and were just picturing nice peaceful scenes on the white bridge, so the shooting, crashing & banging were something of a shock to the senses.

Aside from not being able to hack the pace I really enjoyed the film overall. The cast are really great, it looks brilliant and it a good strong story with a baddie and action and a bit of heart too.

The only disappointment was that the Star trek music didn't kick in til the end credits! What a waste!

Hope everyone else liked it?


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