Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jumpers For Goalposts

A quick reminder... it's Jumpers For Goalposts  tomorrow night at the Alley Cafe.

We've got Hawks & Other Birds playing live. New band out in Notts.

We've got Anders & Holly (Polka Dot Promotions) playing charity shop vinyl as an homage to the wonderful Music Exchange (read below).

We've got a great creative competition with some truly MEGA prizes to be won*.  Because the band are Hawks & Other Birds and because Nick is a big girl who's afraid of flapping things like birds (sorry Nick! xx) we got to thinking about phobias... so you need to come and show us what you're scared of, via the medium of plasticine, googly eyes, crepe paper and talent.

See you there!


Some pictures from Jumpers past...

* in this instance the word MEGA = a bit rubbish

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