Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Yunioshi @ Nottingham Contemporary

Saw Yunioshi play the Nottingham Contemporary bar over the Bank Holiday weekend. We very nearly didn't make it and were gutted to miss Japanese Sleepers & Spaceships Are Cool, but were delighted that we made it in time to hear Team Yunioshi launch their new EP.

What a fun gig! We missed the craft section but luckily there were still a man hanging around with foil wrapped round his head, and one man totally dressed as a robot. The sound was awesome as we came down through the building and didn't disappoint when we got into the bar. I had suspected it may feel a bit cold and sterile for performances, but the atmosphere was fantastic and the bar looked really cool. It was a bit like walking into a super cool party in a film.

Yunioshi sounded better than I've ever heard them sound live before, big props to the sound man for that. The new songs sounded ace, the old songs sounded fresh & everything was perfectly in proportion. Here's some pics:
Bye! Love Bex

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