Wednesday, 30 June 2010



I'm planning a super cool fun music quiz night to raise money for charity and I was wondering whether anyone had any good suggestions for:  Rounds to include?  What types of questions people like?  How long it should be? AND, most importantly... a super cool name???

Please leave a comment with any thoughts, your help would be much appreciated!

I'm doing it to raise money for Bluebell Wood, a children's hospice in Nottinghamshire which does lots of very good work for sick children & their families.

Thanks for your help!



Craig said...

YUou're going to do name that tune, right? I think no more than 5 rounds. probably

anna said...

idntify the band logo is a good one, always a picture round of some sort: identify the band with the lead singer whited out is always trickier than you think. identify the tune by intro or break? identify who the cover version is by? or album covers with the band name blanked out?

Supernight said...

Thanks Anna! They are all VERY good suggestions, now it's going to have to be 10 rounds long!

Thanks to you too Craig!

Pia said...

That's one nice idea for a great cause. Our support are yours. More power and keep it up! By the way, If you think it's time to have your own place in Nottingham, why not try this great option of rent to own homes. Good luck in everything!

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