Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today I have been mostly...

Being a bit distracted. I've been working from home and just found it really hard to get into the groove today. I've done some good stuff, but none of it came easy. What did come easy was:
- sneaking a peek at twitter
- joking around on email with the Jumpers For Goalposts super-team
- making cups of tea
- watching tv for 10 minutes too long after lunch (damn you Come Dine With Me!)
- making "to do" lists so I could tick things off
- popping out into the garden.

It was while doing the last one that I took a few snaps and found a new friend... a teeny tiny baby frog! He's super cute, about the size of a fingertip and we've christened him Bruce. Here are a few pics from the garden, and a blurry shot of Bruce:

Can you spot teeny weeny Bruce on the last one?

Bed time now. Don't forget, it's Jumpers for Goalposts @ The Alley Cafe tomorrow. Live music & craft fun.

See you there!


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