Thursday, 4 October 2007

Love is in the air

I love romance, really really I do. I’m a sucker for it. I love romance in films, stuff like when Will Ferrell brings Maggie Gyllenhaal “flours” in Stranger Than Fiction. In fact, that’s probably one of my favourite film moments of recent years.

So, anyway, this is a rambling, not-really-related introduction to the news that we’ve just heard about one of the first Supernight romances! Ahhh. We had an email from Dan who used to be the drummer with the lovely
Plans and Apologies to say that he needed to know the date they played Supernight because it was the first time he met his girlfriend and they wanted to know their anniversary.

This is more like it” I thought to myself, “I’m not bothered about music and bands, it’s all about the matchmaking from here on in!” However, I soon did the maths and realised that one romance in 2 and a half years of Supernight doesn’t really make me
Cilla Black.

So anyway, congratulations to Dan and his girlfriend, lucky you living in
Barcelona now (one of my favourite cities) and maybe one day we can organise a Supernight reception for the wedding! OK, I’m ahead of myself there, but isn’t that lovely?

I have my fingers crossed for more Supernight romances from here on in.

Love Becky

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