Monday, 15 October 2007

Supernight OXJAM do - 27th October - Save up your pennies!

After a roaring success last year which saw Supernight raise over £700 for Oxfam as part of the Oxjam festival, we're back with a cracking line-up for our Oxjam 07 gig on the 27th October at The Maze (what a brilliant venue, right?)

As well as 3 fantastic live performances (details below) We're also thinking up myriad ways to shake the spare change loose from your pockets in the name of a good cause.

Prepare to eat yummy homemade cake, to swap £1 for badges created by musical luminaries such as Jarvis Cocker and to take part in our Oxfam raffle, with fabulous prizes carefully sourced from Oxfam shops round the city.

Playing live:

NAPOLEON IIIrd (Brainlove Records)

Brilliant one-man band embracing all of Brian Wilson's maverick genius, but with a battered reel-to-reel tape machine and some wonky kids' instruments instead of 4 fellas and a state of the art studio.


Creators of gloriously messy indie rock that staggers and weaves everywhere from Pixies to Bearsuit and has earned them a legion of fans including 6Music and Rough Trade.


You never quite know what to expect with this anti-folk rocktopus, from ramshackle marching drum Casiotone workouts to catchy lo-fi pop.

Come and dance and sing and have a good time and feel like a good person because you're doing it all for charity (and kicks).


p.s. bring along your favourite charity shop tunes and we'll play them!

p.p.s. above is our lovely poster (in strange colours, I've only sort of figured out how to upload pictures!) courtesy of the talented Hayley Oh...

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