Monday, 29 October 2007

Thanks for making Supernight great!

Hello there,

This is a big fat THANKS to everyone who came to Supernight on Saturday!

And also to the lovely Oxjam people, the wonderful bands who performed, the delightful Kate Musgrove who did projections, my sister Katie who made a really nice cake, the fantastic Tether group with their art tombola prizes and The Maze for having us!

So... hope you had a good time? We did! We'll be putting some photos online soon and I'll post the link up here for you.

Some of my favourite moments included:

- Most of Fists set but especially the little ghost tune (little gho-o-o-o-o-o-st!)
- Lovely Joe working the tombola like a demon
- Seeing the proud winner of a beautiful yellow woolly hat and orange necklace modelling his prize... yellow is really Ned's colour...
- Enjoying the slightly surreal experience of walking out the back door of the Maze and realising there was a team of Maze staff completely rebuilding the back half of the club!
- Watching Napoleon IIIrd - that was the first time I've seen him and I thought he was amazing - Raising money for Oxfam (I don't know how much, you can't get the lids off those rattly tins, but thanks to everyone who donated anything!)

Last but not least, my absolute favourite thing:

- Taking home my most random souvenir ever from a night out... a golf club.

Anyway, it's Monday now, work time, so I'd better get on with some!

Love Becky

p.s. if the nice man who really would've liked a Jarvis Cocker badge (rather than a rubbish Kaiser Chiefs one) is reading this, drop me an email, I saved one for you.


Anders said...

There's Supernight/Oxjam pics for you to peruse here...



Becky said...

Hi Anders,

I'm going to add the link to the main section

Bex x

Supernight said...


anders x

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear that those damn charity tins are so difficult to open...


Anonymous said...