Monday, 8 October 2007

Songs that stick in your head

I've realised that my post entitled "Love is in the Air" is a big mistake. Not because love isn't in the air, because it is, but because it means that every time I check in to update something on the blog I get stuck with the song of the same name going round and round and round in my head. It's not fun.

I think perhaps it's surprisingly easy to get a song into my head. Nick (who I work with) thinks it's fun to try and sneak a really bad song in there without me noticing, so all of a sudden I'm singing "Caught up in my wishing well" round the office, with no idea why.

My sister randomly gets "The Conga" stuck in her head, which I think has to be one of the worst I've ever heard of. What do you reckon? Can you top that?



Jeff said...

"Mona" by Craig Mclachlan is a good one to place in people's's like stealth bombing of the mind...evil. "Tell me Mona what you gonna do..."

Anders said...

The worse ones are songs from adverts. Bex is always singing this terrible Natasha Bedingfield song (Unwritten?) that sticks in there.

Even worse though, one day I found myself sighing "mm..danone!" - now that's stealth bombing, evil swines!

Bex said...

"feel the rain on your skin, no-one else can feel it for you lalalalalalalaaaaa"

sorry Anders!


Anders said...

I left work today with Wishing Well in my head, DAMN YOU NICK!!!

Bex said...

You think "Mmm Danone" is bad, the other day Nick-who-I-work-with revealed that randomly he thought the words "Ay-go, by Toyota"...

Now that's a sign you watch too much T4.... "Nick's thoughts, sponsored by Ay-go, by Toyota"!

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