Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Write a novel in a month?

Something of a small craze is starting to take hold at Supernight, with two of our number having decided that this November they're going to write a novel. In one month. It's a hard task, but someone's got to do it.

Anyway, it all came about as a result of being sent this website:

There's something infectious about the idea that it really is quantity, not quality that counts.

If they let me, I'll post up some excerpts as they get into the swing of it. AND, if anyone wants to join us, then please please do! Send me excerpts of yours and I'll post those up too. If enough people do it we can all get together for a celebration and can laugh at the terrible novels we've written in one month together!

love Becky

p.s. I really should mention that all plans are in place for a fabulous gig on Saturday at the Maze, and you know it's all for charity so come on down and eat cake, wear badges, see projections, listen to bands, enter the raffle, dance, drink and make merry!

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anna said...

reminds me f the thing mark watson wrote at edinburgh last year. at each of his shows he took sugestions form the audiance as to waht should ahppen next.
you can find it here:, which is far to long so go to his my space : and find the blog thats dated 9 aug 2006 and scroll down to chapter 1.