Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Here's the link for the photos from last Saturday's Oxjam gig as promised:



Monday, 29 October 2007

Thanks for making Supernight great!

Hello there,

This is a big fat THANKS to everyone who came to Supernight on Saturday!

And also to the lovely Oxjam people, the wonderful bands who performed, the delightful Kate Musgrove who did projections, my sister Katie who made a really nice cake, the fantastic Tether group with their art tombola prizes and The Maze for having us!

So... hope you had a good time? We did! We'll be putting some photos online soon and I'll post the link up here for you.

Some of my favourite moments included:

- Most of Fists set but especially the little ghost tune (little gho-o-o-o-o-o-st!)
- Lovely Joe working the tombola like a demon
- Seeing the proud winner of a beautiful yellow woolly hat and orange necklace modelling his prize... yellow is really Ned's colour...
- Enjoying the slightly surreal experience of walking out the back door of the Maze and realising there was a team of Maze staff completely rebuilding the back half of the club!
- Watching Napoleon IIIrd - that was the first time I've seen him and I thought he was amazing - Raising money for Oxfam (I don't know how much, you can't get the lids off those rattly tins, but thanks to everyone who donated anything!)

Last but not least, my absolute favourite thing:

- Taking home my most random souvenir ever from a night out... a golf club.

Anyway, it's Monday now, work time, so I'd better get on with some!

Love Becky

p.s. if the nice man who really would've liked a Jarvis Cocker badge (rather than a rubbish Kaiser Chiefs one) is reading this, drop me an email, I saved one for you.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Write a novel in a month?

Something of a small craze is starting to take hold at Supernight, with two of our number having decided that this November they're going to write a novel. In one month. It's a hard task, but someone's got to do it.

Anyway, it all came about as a result of being sent this website:


There's something infectious about the idea that it really is quantity, not quality that counts.

If they let me, I'll post up some excerpts as they get into the swing of it. AND, if anyone wants to join us, then please please do! Send me excerpts of yours and I'll post those up too. If enough people do it we can all get together for a celebration and can laugh at the terrible novels we've written in one month together!

love Becky

p.s. I really should mention that all plans are in place for a fabulous gig on Saturday at the Maze, and you know it's all for charity so come on down and eat cake, wear badges, see projections, listen to bands, enter the raffle, dance, drink and make merry!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Supernight OXJAM do - 27th October - Save up your pennies!

After a roaring success last year which saw Supernight raise over £700 for Oxfam as part of the Oxjam festival, we're back with a cracking line-up for our Oxjam 07 gig on the 27th October at The Maze (what a brilliant venue, right?)

As well as 3 fantastic live performances (details below) We're also thinking up myriad ways to shake the spare change loose from your pockets in the name of a good cause.

Prepare to eat yummy homemade cake, to swap £1 for badges created by musical luminaries such as Jarvis Cocker and to take part in our Oxfam raffle, with fabulous prizes carefully sourced from Oxfam shops round the city.

Playing live:

NAPOLEON IIIrd (Brainlove Records) www.myspace.com/boney3

Brilliant one-man band embracing all of Brian Wilson's maverick genius, but with a battered reel-to-reel tape machine and some wonky kids' instruments instead of 4 fellas and a state of the art studio.

BALOR KNIGHTS (Thee SPC) www.myspace.com/balorknights

Creators of gloriously messy indie rock that staggers and weaves everywhere from Pixies to Bearsuit and has earned them a legion of fans including 6Music and Rough Trade.

FISTS www.myspace.com/fistsmusic

You never quite know what to expect with this anti-folk rocktopus, from ramshackle marching drum Casiotone workouts to catchy lo-fi pop.

Come and dance and sing and have a good time and feel like a good person because you're doing it all for charity (and kicks).


p.s. bring along your favourite charity shop tunes and we'll play them!

p.p.s. above is our lovely poster (in strange colours, I've only sort of figured out how to upload pictures!) courtesy of the talented Hayley Oh...

Monday, 8 October 2007

Songs that stick in your head

I've realised that my post entitled "Love is in the Air" is a big mistake. Not because love isn't in the air, because it is, but because it means that every time I check in to update something on the blog I get stuck with the song of the same name going round and round and round in my head. It's not fun.

I think perhaps it's surprisingly easy to get a song into my head. Nick (who I work with) thinks it's fun to try and sneak a really bad song in there without me noticing, so all of a sudden I'm singing "Caught up in my wishing well" round the office, with no idea why.

My sister randomly gets "The Conga" stuck in her head, which I think has to be one of the worst I've ever heard of. What do you reckon? Can you top that?


Saturday, 6 October 2007

Metal fans be warned...


I often get great stories passed onto me by friends that subscribe to Popbitch.
Here's a belter...

It's not a good time to be a heavy metal fan in Iran.

Last week Iran's Minister of Culture, Mohamed Hosein Sarrar-Harandi, gave an interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais where he talked about his taste in pop music.

Mr Sarrar-Harandi said, "I know there are music genres, mostly heavy metal, that can provoke - combined with some hallucinogens - young people to jump out of the windows of cars while driving at high speed. I'm opposed to that kind of music."

Fans of Megadeth pay heed, we don't want you doing a Brian Harvey now do we!

x anders

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Love is in the air

I love romance, really really I do. I’m a sucker for it. I love romance in films, stuff like when Will Ferrell brings Maggie Gyllenhaal “flours” in Stranger Than Fiction. In fact, that’s probably one of my favourite film moments of recent years.

So, anyway, this is a rambling, not-really-related introduction to the news that we’ve just heard about one of the first Supernight romances! Ahhh. We had an email from Dan who used to be the drummer with the lovely
Plans and Apologies to say that he needed to know the date they played Supernight because it was the first time he met his girlfriend and they wanted to know their anniversary.

This is more like it” I thought to myself, “I’m not bothered about music and bands, it’s all about the matchmaking from here on in!” However, I soon did the maths and realised that one romance in 2 and a half years of Supernight doesn’t really make me
Cilla Black.

So anyway, congratulations to Dan and his girlfriend, lucky you living in
Barcelona now (one of my favourite cities) and maybe one day we can organise a Supernight reception for the wedding! OK, I’m ahead of myself there, but isn’t that lovely?

I have my fingers crossed for more Supernight romances from here on in.

Love Becky