Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mask Mayhem


We went along to Jumpers For Goalposts at the Alley Cafe last week and witnessed some truly disturbing activities...

The creative competition was about making a summer-solstice-wicker-man-creepy-mask and these were the results:

Competition Entrants (I want to make a joke about how this is them without their masks, but I'll refrain...)

The person who made this proudly declared themselves "The Winner"... they weren't. They came 3rd. However, it is an amazing creation.

Look at what it does!

2nd Place was Joey Chickenskin who won an album for old people couples which made me feel a bit sad... good sad, but sweet old people break my heart a bit, so that album got me big time!

Victory! Alison came first with her amazing elephant mask creation. Look at this photo... that's real victory for you, that's how you should celebrate when you win something.

Tom was really funny when he became "Prize Master". When I mentioned this later he let me into a little secret... he's a "prop comic... like Joe Pasquale", and those prizes were great props. An old couples album, a mug with an alsatian on it and the triumphant hand with a bee on it... as modelled by Anders:

Anyway, it was lots & lots of fun, so thanks to Tom & Everyone at the Alley Cafe for such a great evening!


Friday, 20 June 2008

Filthy Photos

A little while ago we went to the Happy Happy Poster Club's opening night for it's most recent exhibition, which was excellent by the way. The quality of work was really high and it was at the new Hand & Heart Gallery on Derby Road (I've probably got that wrong by the way, it might also be Heart & Hand or Hand in Heart or something else entirely!) which is a great space. A really lovely place to be.

SO, anyway, while we were there enjoying the art Joey Chickenskin happened to point out something strange about one of the posters. Very quickly we descended from the lofty plains of art appreciation to purile giggling pointing whispering and photo taking. Anyway, I bumped into Joey last night at Jumpers For Goalposts (which was GREAT and I have some photos from that to put up in a little while too!) and he demanded that I put these filthy pics up here... so it's his fault.

Anders & Abi & Rolf

Anders completing Joey's drawing challenge


Hand &/In Heart

Oh dear!

(Sorry to the creator of this image, which is rather lovely when not blurred...

I feel I should point out that Angi posed for this picture on purpose... not that that stopped James from really enjoying saying "Angi's a dickhead"every time he saw the photo...


Love Bex

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Finally...Munch Munch are coming!


I've been trying to book a band called Munch Munch for AGES.
I tried and tried to get them at a Supernight but fate and the distance between Bristol and Nottingham always seem to be too much to overcome. Finally, however, they ARE going to play. At the next Hello Thor gig next Saturday (21st June).

I loved MUNCH MUNCH since I heard Celebrity Engine which is still one of my favourite tunes of recent years. THEN my interest peaked even further when they turned up on the Shrigley compilation 'Worried Noodles' a while back

As well as the excitement of ultimately getting these casio/glockenspiel wielding tykes up to Notts, I'm also beside myself to have DEATH BY TV playing. They seem equally lovely - they loved Joey Chickenskin's 78 club comic when I sent them a copy - and they make demented cartoonish 8-bit punk by hammering away on a guitar/gameboy/"crap keyboards".

In addition to that we also have LONELY GHOSTS (indie-pop par excellence) coming up from Brighton and the YEAH I'LL PLAY IT LATER team DJing.

In short, it's going to be absolutely brilliant and I CANNOT wait.
Hope all you lovely people can make it along!

xx anders

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Prince's Rainforest Project

I just thought this was a really nice illustration of an issue. If you go to the website you can sign up to show where you are and your email address. You don't have to give money or even receive emails, but you are showing your support just by signing up.

Go on, Prince Charles wants you to...


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Room in flat available: Joey Chickenskin writes...

Hello, Joey Chickenskin here!

My friend Alyssa’s housemate is moving away so she’s asked me to ask around to see if there is anyone looking for somewhere to live. So I’ve written this REFERENCE for her house and for Alyssa:

To whom it may concern

I have known Alyssa for a few years ago and despite the ginger birthmark in her hair, she is very nice. I haven’t lived with her but I’ve been round her house a lot and have never thought ‘When WILL I be offered a cup of tea’ as the tea-offers are always perfectly timed. Alyssa also makes top notch biscuits and cakes and made me one of these (but better) for my birthday:

Every time the mouse is in his tummy, you want to see the little mouse. Every time you see the little mouse you want to see what it’s like in his tummy!

Imagine if she were your housemate! If you moved in, in , say July, you could spend six months getting ‘in with her’ so you’d get a cool Christmas Present.

The flat RULES. It’s not the Estate Agent’s ‘Ten Minutes from Town’ , it REALLY IS! My guess is 10 minutes (that’s a walking 10 minutes!) to the Alley CafĂ©, 13 to Lee Rosy and about 25 minutes to HOOTERS! If you lived there you’d save about £52K per year in taxi money!

It’s got a nice living room that has a great NOSEY WINDOW, is set away from the road, is nice and tidy like girls make em, decent sized kitchen and bathroom plus the kitchen and living room have a room dividing hatch that is shelved in such a way that you can PRETEND TO BE IN A COMIC, from the kitchen.

The room available is a double and is unfurnished (The rest of the flat is furnished) but there’s a good chance the landlord will put the bed back if asked.

You’d think that the rent for such a room would be £450,000 a week but it’s NOT!

It’s only £190 a month plus Bills!

Now. . .

To close the deal:

The postman looks like AXL W Rose!

After that clincher, LET THE GOLDRUSH BEGIN!

To find out more contact Alyssa on


Things we've been doing

Hello lovely internet friends (and real life friends who are reading online)

What have we been up to? Allsorts (ish)!

First, let me tell you a little bit about Saturday night, which was ACE. It was Supernight vs Im Not From London at the Maze and it was a cracker. Ox & Lamb played a great set, despite only having had 6 hours to put something together. All the songs sounded fantastic and it was nice to hear a different tone/feel to their Fists work. Plus we got to hear Yr Glove (which I love) live and some new materials too.

Following that we were treated to a noisy set from 20 Year Hurricane who brought energy and comments about being "very porous" to the stage, as well as a child's mexican wrestling mask. Nick (the singer/ex-colleague of mine/friend) later mentioned that Daddy Bones's verdict on the too small wrestling mask was..."burn victim". Harsh, but when I manage to get the pictures up here, you'll see it's also true! They were great, second outing for them and I hope to see them again soon.... Bassist Chris striking a pose, Drummer (and Birthday Boy) Gareth being amazingly into performing and brilliant to watch and Nick playing guitar, singing, being self-deprecating and moving around the stage like a wind-up toy. Brilliant!

If I'm honest I didn't really watch the other two bands. I saw a bit of two guys playing covers which wasn't really my sort of thing and then I got so hot I had to go outside. I heard a bit of Nephu Huzzband from out there and they sounded pretty good. Definitely not what I expected... I've seen the name around before and thought they were some sort of ska/punk/reggae/funk-rock band. Delighted to say they're not! Mainly I just chatted outside to loads of random people and caught up with Ang and James a bit, which I always love.

I'm rambling but I should quickly mention two more things. Firstly, the wrestling, scary, shocking, very well prepared (they had suits and masks and everything!). Secondly, Dan Toporowski made some visuals for the gig which we tried every which way to get projected but technology failed us. Not only am I gutted for Dan that his hard work wasn't seen, but I'm gutted for me that I didn't get to see them and I know they would be amazing. THANKS Dan, hopefully we can persuade you to put them on YouTube? Or will they be a lost classic?

Anyway, what I'm basically rambling about here is that it was a great night, and thanks to everyone who came, hope you enjoyed it?!

Other stuff we've done:

- Exams - for me, in the middle of them and should be revising now. BOO.

- Saw Iron Man - What a preposterous film! I did enjoy this, but seriously, I can't believe it exists in parts. he has his own private jet and the air stewardesses pole dance for him. Who wrote this? A 13 year old boy? It was ludicrous, but fun.

- Watched the Apprentice - Love it as always and very much looking forward to the Interview show tomorrow (when I should be revising again). Who's going to win? Boggle eyed Helene? Gobby Claire? Beret-maniac Lucinda? 3rd Person talker Lee McQueen? Or pouty sulky Alex Wotherspoon (Wotherspoon is a great name!)?

- Saw Indiana Jones - Another preposterous film. Worth seeing, but god it gets silly, be prepared. I won't say more, because I'm not a spoiler, but be aware that there are great bits and there are shit bits. And boy does he look old at times.

- Baked brownies - and did a blind taste test on Anders... mine won, I'll be honourable and not say who I beat!

That's another exciting installment of "things I've been doing"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a.k.a. ramble ramble blah blah blah

Have lovely weeks everybody, and see you soon!

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